source: trunk/.gitattributes @ 2388

Last change on this file since 2388 was 2165, checked in by sam, 10 years ago

build: renormalise a lot of files.

File size: 448 bytes
[2165]1# Visual Studio wants crlf, but if we do so, git will
2# normalise files and git-svn will push LF files to SVN,
3# so we revert back to binary.
4*.sln     -text
5*.csproj  -text
6*.vcxproj -text
8# Vim doesn't like CRLF, even on Windows
9*.vim eol=lf
[2150]10# Bison doesn't like CRLF
[2165]11external/*/share/bison/* eol=lf
13# Source files should be normalised in the repository
14*.c     eol=lf
15*.cpp   eol=lf
16*.cc    eol=lf
17*.h     eol=lf
18*.hh    eol=lf
19*.lolfx eol=lf
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