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web: add a Bitten configuration for the public builds, and import the
verbatim bitten_config.html template for future modification.

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[846]1<build xmlns:sh=""
2       xmlns:svn=""
3       xmlns:c="">
4  <step id="checkout" description="Checkout source from repository">
[1514]5    <svn:checkout url="svn://" path="${path}" revision="${revision}" username="anonymous" password="" no_auth_cache="true" />
[846]6  </step>
7  <step id="bootstrap" description="Bootstrap build system">
[947]8    <sh:exec file="./build/lol-build" args="bootstrap ${platform}"/>
[846]9  </step>
10  <step id="configure" description="Configure tree">
[947]11    <sh:exec file="./build/lol-build" args="configure ${platform}"/>
[846]12  </step>
13  <step id="build" description="Build tree">
[947]14    <sh:exec file="./build/lol-build" args="build ${platform}"/>
[846]15  </step>
[947]16  <step id="check" description="Run tests">
17    <sh:exec file="./build/lol-build" args="check ${platform}"/>
[846]18  </step>
19  <step id="clean" description="Clean tree">
[947]20    <sh:exec file="./build/lol-build" args="clean ${platform}"/>
[846]21  </step>
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