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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
data 978   9 years sam test: add simple unit tests for image loading.
xolotl 1050   9 years sam test: fix OS X compilation; we still need SDLmain.a on that platform.
sandbox 1112   9 years gary build: minor reorganisation of the sandbox code.
math 1129   9 years sam lolremez: release LolRemez 0.2.
debug 1228   8 years sam gpu: port the vertex buffer abstraction layer to OpenGL.
tutorial 1300   8 years sam core: prefix some member variables with m_ for clarity.
unit 1305   8 years sam math: chage quaternion constructor to wxyz order because it matches …
benchmark 1309   8 years sam core: make timers second-based rather than millisecond-based.
testsuite.cpp 682 bytes 961   9 years sam build: fix a shitload of build errors introduced by the Image …
benchsuite.cpp 1.9 KB 977   9 years sam core: new benchmark snippet for operations on reals. 1.5 KB 1294   8 years sam test: add unit tests for the Array class.
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