source: trunk/test @ 900

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
debug 893   10 years sam test: add an empty sandbox program and update .gitignore.
trig.cpp 3.6 KB 900   10 years sam core: improve tan() accuracy by tweaking higher order Taylor coefficients.
matrix.cpp 5.9 KB 817   10 years sam test: add a unit test for the recent vector promotion problem. 1.4 KB 895   10 years sam test: replace lol-bench with lol-bench$(EXEEXT) in the Makefile to …
lol-test.cpp 669 bytes 642   10 years sam Add an optional cppunit dependency for unit tests.
lol-bench.cpp 11.3 KB 899   10 years sam core: implement accelerated lol_sincos() and lol_tan().
half.cpp 9.1 KB 892   10 years sam optim: better isnan() reimplementation.
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