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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
binaries 1524   8 years sam build: move all games to a "games" subdirectory to clean up the root …
build 2301   7 years sam build: fix a few macro logic issues in SDL.h inclusion.
doc 2186   8 years sam build: add svn:ignore tags and remove empty directories.
external 2165   8 years sam build: renormalise a lot of files.
games 2293  
people 2305  
src 2310   7 years sam ps3: add support for resolution selection.
test 2307   7 years sam color: slightly tweak the RGB to HSV and HSL conversions for improved …
tools 2277   7 years sam build: hide LolFx external declarations behind macros.
tutorial 2289   7 years sam easymesh: interface the shiny shader with new Light objects.
.gitattributes 448 bytes 2165   8 years sam build: renormalise a lot of files.
.gitignore 1.4 KB 2298   7 years sam meshviewer: add two lights.
bootstrap 4.4 KB 2285   7 years sam build: add support for automake 1.13. 11.7 KB 2300   7 years sam build: add SDL detection code in new file lol-sdl.m4. The SDL2 version …
COPYING 466 bytes 2183   8 years sam build: fix the WTFPL site URL in all code comments. 2.0 KB 2167   8 years jylam * Doxygen doc / manpages
TODO 1.1 KB 160   10 years sam Update todo list.
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