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(edit) @1687   8 years sam easymesh: allow the shader to build on GL ES.
(edit) @1686   8 years rez added delay to key repeat (float timer_key_repeat)
(edit) @1685   8 years rez added smoothstep in postfx (more contrast!) and a magnificient LOLCUBE!
(edit) @1684   8 years sam build: switch the Android native build rules to autoconf; still a bit …
(edit) @1683   8 years rez moved blur after glow, tweaked a lot of parameters
(edit) @1679   8 years sam build: try to autodetect the number of CPU threads available and tweak …
(edit) @1678   8 years sam build: fix broken Glew detection on OS X.
(edit) @1677   8 years sam build: fix the Raspberry Pi build and add a build script for it.
(edit) @1676   8 years sam core: make the IO thread exit cleanly.
(edit) @1675   8 years sam core: the IO thread tweak needn't be PS3-specific.
(edit) @1674   8 years sam gpu: don't forget to ask for a depth buffer on GL ES systems.
(edit) @1673   8 years sam core: remove debug code that caused all builds to fail.
(edit) @1672   8 years rez postfx optimization
(edit) @1671   8 years sam core: on the Raspberry Pi, use the proprietary graphics library …
(edit) @1670   8 years sam build: search for the Raspberry Pi GLES libraries during configure.
(edit) @1669   8 years sam tutorial: use real numbers in the fractal navigation (doubles are …
(edit) @1668   8 years sam test: add a unit test to ensure default constructed reals are …
(edit) @1667   8 years sam math: add an sprintf() method to real numbers, and ensure they are …
(edit) @1666   8 years rez updated
(edit) @1665   8 years rez modified A LOT postfx, added MOAR controls to all effects, especially …
(edit) @1663   8 years rez fixed noise / added tons of control vars to postfx
(edit) @1662   8 years sam neercs: disable some non-working code on Win32 so that we at least …
(edit) @1661   8 years rez new font / blur+chromatic aberration boosted on screen corners / …
(edit) @1660   8 years sam neercs: add a way to activate the old neercs code for testing purposes.
(edit) @1659   8 years sam build: add missing svn:ignore properties to keep rez happy.
(edit) @1658   8 years rez minor fix on the logo
(edit) @1657   8 years sam neercs: be sure to include C headers inside extern "C" in cpp files.
(edit) @1656   9 years sam neercs: start porting the old code to Windows; this breaks the Visual …
(edit) @1655   9 years rez remanency buffer now use ONLY ONE buffer / renamed font map, added a …
(edit) @1654   9 years sam build: put the Win64 SDL libraries in two separate directories, …
(edit) @1653   9 years sam build: add libSDLmain.a binaries for GUI MinGW builds; the provided …
(edit) @1652   9 years sam test: use SDLmain for the testsuite, too.
(edit) @1651   9 years sam test: damn, re-add an include I mistakenly removed.
(edit) @1650   9 years sam test: fix linking of remez.cpp on OS X.
(edit) @1649   9 years sam core: fix the Windows and OS X builds with SDL.
(edit) @1648   9 years sam test: fix compilation warnings caused by constant strings being cast …
(edit) @1647   9 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1646   9 years sam core: on Windows, output log messages to the Visual Studio debug …
(edit) @1645   9 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1644   9 years rez remanency expanded to 6 buffers, 3 ared used and blended (2,4 and 6)
(edit) @1643   9 years sam neercs: disable neercs build on Windows for now.
(edit) @1642   9 years sam neercs: import files from the (unfinished) old neercs code.
(edit) @1641   9 years sam test: fix the physics simulation tick.
(edit) @1640   9 years sam core: fix shitloads of compiler warnings in the Bullet source code.
(edit) @1639   9 years sam neercs: add missing .lolfx file to neercs.vcxproj.
(edit) @1638   9 years rez remanency lolfx added
(edit) @1637   9 years sam core: display names for entities that forget to call Entity::Tick*.
(edit) @1636   9 years rez glsl letterbox and round corner & some new fancy animation!
(edit) @1635   9 years rez glsl letterbox and round corner & some new fancy animation!
(edit) @1634   9 years rez glsl letterbox and round corner & some new fancy animation!
(edit) @1633   9 years touky Correct integration of EasyConstraint + TestDemo.
(edit) @1632   9 years touky Small name refactor & correct Kinematic integration. + Constraint …
(edit) @1631   9 years touky Added Collision group & mask support. + weird racist test : the …
(edit) @1630   9 years touky Small refactor of the Phys::Simulation. Phys::Simulation is now an …
(edit) @1629   9 years rez testing things…
(edit) @1628   9 years rez text resize fix
(edit) @1627   9 years sam neercs: handle caca canvas size changes automatically.
(edit) @1626   9 years sam neercs: always initialise shaders at launch time, so we don’t have to …
(edit) @1625   9 years rez updated border autoresize + canvas resize
(edit) @1624   9 years sam neercs: always initialise shaders at launch time, so we don’t have to …
(edit) @1623   9 years rez updated window frame, borders and cacanvas size
(edit) @1622   9 years rez updated logo (again) + better text canvas size (unfinished)
(edit) @1621   9 years sam easymesh: set the capsule's main axis to Y, not Z.
(edit) @1620   9 years rez updated logo + optimized postfx
(edit) @1619   9 years sam easymesh: add the capsule mesh.
(edit) @1618   9 years rez letterbox test
(edit) @1617   9 years sam test: go ape shit crazy on the FoV.
(edit) @1616   9 years sam test: fix physics cube backface culling.
(edit) @1615   9 years sam easymesh: fix the HLSL code in shiny.lolfx.
(edit) @1614   9 years sam test: fix an alignment issue with btVector3/vec3 casts.
(edit) @1613   9 years touky BtPhysTest : Container box now moves.
(edit) @1612   9 years sam build: generate debug information even in release mode.
(edit) @1611   9 years sam test: fix Bullet/Lol quaternion conversions, they use [x y z w] …
(edit) @1610   9 years sam build: rename "Lol.Core.Build.props" to the more explicit …
(edit) @1609   9 years sam build: fix a bug in the Xbox 360 defines propagation.
(edit) @1608   9 years sam test: use 0 instead of NULL to fix the X360 build.
(edit) @1607   9 years touky Added walls and better context to the physics.
(edit) @1606   9 years rez enhanced test screen
(edit) @1605   9 years sam test: minor tweaks to the physics demo.
(edit) @1604   9 years sam easymesh: use an icosphere instead of an UV-sphere for the sphere …
(edit) @1603   9 years sam gpu: enable backface culling for indexed meshes, too.
(edit) @1602   9 years rez enhanced test screen
(edit) @1601   9 years touky EasyPhysics : Added Capsules.
(edit) @1600   9 years touky Added Cylinder primitives. Added several delete/destructor, speeds up …
(edit) @1599   9 years touky EasyMesh : Fixed normals on disc when one of the radius == 0 …
(edit) @1598   9 years sam tutorial: add a simple EasyMesh viewer.
(edit) @1597   9 years touky Added sphere in EasyPhysics
(edit) @1596   9 years touky CIS yet again.
(edit) @1595   9 years touky CIS FIX
(edit) @1594   9 years sam test: add missing physics files to Makefile.
(edit) @1593   9 years touky Some CIS FIX.
(edit) @1592   9 years touky #include were fucked-up ...…
(edit) @1591   9 years touky Behold the power of LolPhysics ! Added lol::phys::Simulation, …
(edit) @1590   9 years sam core: start working on a higher level LolFx compiler based on the …
(edit) @1589   9 years sam easymesh: the light direction is now a uniform variable.
(edit) @1588   9 years rez debug shortcuts added
(edit) @1587   9 years sam ps3: add pad support for the PS3, without plug/unplug detection for now.
(edit) @1586   9 years sam build: update Windows SDL binaries to 1.2.15.
(edit) @1585   9 years rez added function key and renamed some variables
(edit) @1584   9 years sam neercs: use RGB colours instead of ANSI attributes for some canvas stuff.
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