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(edit) @2435   8 years sam base: add Array::Swap() method and the corresponding unit test.
(edit) @2432   8 years sam math: Interp class for frame-independent interpolation.
(edit) @2430   8 years lolbot fixed 4 files out of 2475: - removed 5 CR characters - removed 15 …
(edit) @2429   8 years Jnat Fix missing ; static float to static void for waitseconds()
(edit) @2428   8 years touky CIS FIX : timer fix, sam should fix it.
(edit) @2427   8 years touky CIS FAIL : Long time no see.
(edit) @2426   8 years touky easymesh : vertices datas are now stored in a very user-friendly …
(edit) @2425   8 years touky easymesh : "struct m_gpu" no longer exists and has been replaced by …
(edit) @2424   8 years sam base: refactor the Timer class to make it more understandable.
(edit) @2423   8 years sam base: add some minor randomness to the main Ticker.
(edit) @2419   8 years sam build: add missing files to
(edit) @2418   8 years touky easymesh : EzMesh is back in vanilla mode, mongolo-commit-powa.
(edit) @2417   8 years sam build: fork from a temporary copy to avoid locks in Windows.
(edit) @2416   8 years lolbot fixed 3 files out of 2475: - removed 3 CR characters - removed 20 …
(edit) @2415   8 years touky sln small build config fix for Win32
(edit) @2414   8 years touky MeshViewer : Added shitty texture to bulletproof easymesh UV, and …
(edit) @2410   8 years touky easymesh : Added SmoothMesh operation, works well with triangle, not …
(edit) @2409   8 years sam base: break into the debugger on assertion failure if present.
(edit) @2408   8 years lolbot fixed 3 files out of 2468: - removed 43 CR characters - removed 25 …
(edit) @2407   8 years touky easymesh : Added SplitTriangles function to multiply triangles for …
(edit) @2406   8 years touky easymesh : Added Twist/Ben/Shear & Taper refactor.
(edit) @2405   8 years touky easymesh : all radius are now diameters so all mesh operation size …
(edit) @2404   8 years touky easymesh: all operations now generate UVs for the mesh.
(edit) @2403   8 years sam sys: add the base source directory to the list of search directories …
(edit) @2402   8 years sam base: work around an annoying GCC warning we very well know about.
(edit) @2401   8 years sam build: remove more compiler warnings.
(edit) @2400   8 years lolbot fixed 5 files out of 2468: - removed 0 CR characters - removed 22 …
(edit) @2399   8 years sam external: update SDL_image and SDL_mixer to 1.2.12 and add Win64 versions.
(edit) @2398   8 years sam build: reactivate SDL_mixer on Win32 (not Win64 yet).
(edit) @2397   8 years sam build: re-add liblolcore dependency tracking to all binary objects.
(edit) @2395   8 years sam build: better check for compiler flags; we no longer try to use flags …
(edit) @2394   8 years sam math: minor improvements to the Remez exchange algorithm.
(edit) @2391   8 years sam build: remove compiler flags unbeknownst to old GCC versions.
(edit) @2390   8 years sam build: make lolcore depend on lolbullet, as it is supposed to.
(edit) @2389   8 years sam build: fix syntax errors in the Visual Studio projects.
(edit) @2388   8 years sam build: reorganise AM_CPPFLAGS handling so that we can disable the …
(edit) @2387   8 years sam build: add lua to the ignored directories for
(edit) @2386   8 years sam build: split the main library into lolcore and lolbullet.
(edit) @2385   8 years sam math: avoid unnecessary conversions in the half class and remove a …
(edit) @2383   8 years sam base: crash with an assert error if trying to access a read-only map …
(edit) @2382   8 years sam ps3: use System::GetPathList() to open images.
(edit) @2381   8 years sam sys: cycle through all possible directories to load resource files.
(edit) @2380   8 years lolbot fixed 4 files out of 2376: - removed 7 CR characters - removed 5 …
(edit) @2379   8 years touky Added VertexDictionnary object to manage vertices with same coord && …
(edit) @2377   8 years Jnat added GetPos method to get text position
(edit) @2374   8 years sam base: start being more aggressive in the error reportings; most error …
(edit) @2373   8 years sam gpu: avoid using glIsEnabled() if we can cache the data.
(edit) @2372   8 years sam gpu: disable glPolygonMode calls on OpenGL ES.
(edit) @2371   8 years sam build: add shiny_SK.lolfx to
(edit) @2370   8 years touky render : Added DebugRenderMode & corresponding shaders. naive (VERY) …
(edit) @2367   8 years sam build: update project filters for lolcore.
(edit) @2364   8 years sam meshviewer: use our File class to read the mesh data.
(edit) @2363   8 years sam sys: be more resilient if the file we try to read doesn’t exist.
(edit) @2362   8 years sam sys: don’t use fopen on the PS3.
(edit) @2361   8 years sam sys: prototype for the file reading functions.
(edit) @2360   8 years sam test: add missing unit tests for the Atomic template class.
(edit) @2359   8 years sam sys: Atomic template class for thread-safe and potentially lockless …
(edit) @2358   8 years sam sys: create an empty File class.
(edit) @2357   8 years sam build: add a few missing files to make dist.
(edit) @2356   8 years lolbot fixed 17 files out of 2363: - removed 55 CR characters - removed 80 …
(edit) @2355   8 years touky Added MeshViewerBuffer.txt in vcproj.
(edit) @2354   8 years sam base: move headers around and promote gpu/ to lol/gpu/.
(edit) @2353   8 years touky MeshViewer : - Added file handling with new mesh generation each time …
(edit) @2352   8 years touky BtPhysTest : at last, a CIS FAIL !
(edit) @2351   8 years touky BtPhysTest : added lights
(edit) @2350   8 years touky easymesh : CSG operation is now handled with a safe enum.
(edit) @2349   8 years sam build: define HAVE_STDIO_H on Windows desktop.
(edit) @2348   8 years sam math: use "degrees" as the variable name for rotations for clarity.
(edit) @2346   8 years touky comment : Angle in degree Because goldfishes have no memory.
(edit) @2345   8 years sam build: add svn:ignore properties and remove empty dirs.
(edit) @2343   8 years sam people: reorganise user directories to allow for private/ subdirectories.
(edit) @2322   8 years sam math: fix a signed integer overflow issue in the fast factorial …
(edit) @2321   8 years sam math: friend declarations aren’t proper declarations; add the required …
(edit) @2318   8 years sam build: fix all vector/scalar type mismatches such as "vec2 * double" …
(edit) @2317   8 years sam math: remove coercion rules in the vector classes, they increase the …
(edit) @2316   8 years sam ps3: fix typo in ps3app.cpp.
(edit) @2315   8 years sam gpu: OpenGL ES compilation fix: GL_RGB8 is desktop OpenGL only.
(edit) @2314   8 years sam ps3: compilation for old GCC complaining about non-trivial designated …
(edit) @2313   8 years sam gpu: fix compilation on GL ES platforms.
(edit) @2312   8 years sam gpu: support 1-component (luminance) textures.
(edit) @2311   8 years sam tutorial: HLSL version of the graph plotting shader.
(edit) @2310   8 years sam ps3: add support for resolution selection.
(edit) @2309   8 years sam color: fix a logic error in RGBToHSL.
(edit) @2308   8 years sam math: implement clamp() for base C++ types and add more safeguards to …
(edit) @2307   8 years sam color: slightly tweak the RGB to HSV and HSL conversions for improved …
(edit) @2306   8 years sam ps3: use network fallback for image files.
(edit) @2301   8 years sam build: fix a few macro logic issues in SDL.h inclusion.
(edit) @2300   8 years sam build: add SDL detection code in new file lol-sdl.m4. The SDL2 version …
(edit) @2298   8 years sam meshviewer: add two lights.
(edit) @2297   8 years sam base: implement UNUSED() macro and put it here and there.
(edit) @2296   8 years sam meshviewer: include <cfloat> for missing FLT_MAX definition.
(edit) @2294   8 years touky Added MeshViewer new project, its goal being to have a program capable …
(edit) @2292   8 years sam build: disable SDL output redirection and try to disable winedbg.exe.
(edit) @2291   8 years sam gpu: fix PS3 compilation caused by wrong function names.
(edit) @2289   8 years sam easymesh: interface the shiny shader with new Light objects.
(edit) @2288   8 years sam gpu: allow to set array uniform values.
(edit) @2285   8 years sam build: add support for automake 1.13.
(edit) @2280   8 years sam build: fix LolFx rule for MSBuild again.
(edit) @2279   8 years touky Small fix in template lerp
(edit) @2278   8 years sam build: fix LolFx generation on Visual Studio.
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