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(edit) @2818   6 years sam build: fix a few compilation issues with input v2.
(edit) @2803   6 years sam build: fix .gitignore file.
(edit) @2781   6 years sam build: update .gitignore files.
(edit) @2660   7 years sam tutorial: small sprite tutorial.
(edit) @2577   7 years sam build: fail the Android build upon error and make it idempotent.
(edit) @2298   7 years sam meshviewer: add two lights.
(edit) @2214   7 years sam build: minor .gitignore tweak.
(edit) @2185   7 years sam build: add some files to .gitignore.
(edit) @2087   7 years sam build: ignore core files, but not the core/ directory.
(edit) @2001   7 years sam tutorial: add a new texture generation example.
(edit) @1995   7 years sam build: upgrade glew binaries to 1.9.0 and rename the contrib directory …
(edit) @1982   7 years sam build: put the OpenGL detection code in a separate .m4 file and assume …
(edit) @1847   7 years sam debug: get rid of quad.cpp, it's become useless.
(edit) @1841   7 years sam build: ignore .so files and add missing source files to makefile.
(edit) @1824   7 years sam tutorial: start working on a small Perlin-like noise demo.
(edit) @1598   7 years sam tutorial: add a simple EasyMesh viewer.
(edit) @1574   7 years sam tutorial: start working on an FBO example.
(edit) @1571   7 years sam test: activate the Bullet Physics test on all Unix platforms.
(edit) @1520   7 years sam build: fix the VS2010 build and add build/ and binaries/ to the dist …
(edit) @1518   7 years sam build: reorganise all the build stuff so that it lies in build/ and …
(edit) @1479   7 years sam build: simplify the .lolfx file compilation.
(edit) @1451   7 years sam build: move major .vcxproj files to their respective project directories.
(edit) @1392   7 years sam misc: move more shaders to .lolfx files.
(edit) @1383   7 years sam build: build .lolfx files from automake.
(edit) @1316   7 years sam build: add gcov files to the Git ignore list.
(edit) @1242   8 years sam tutorial: some refactoring in the tutorials.
(edit) @1223   8 years sam build: add some ignored files to .gitignore.
(edit) @1193   8 years sam build: more Visual Studio project refactoring, with multiprocessor …
(edit) @1189   8 years sam build: major refactoring of the Win32 and Xbox project files; we now …
(edit) @1168   8 years sam mrpigeon: create source tree for MrPigeon.
(edit) @1112   8 years gary build: minor reorganisation of the sandbox code.
(edit) @1082   8 years sam core: port all code to NativeClient. Nothing runs for now, but it builds.
(edit) @1054   8 years sam test: create the bases for a new tutorial, with texture uploads.
(edit) @1043   8 years sam test: start writing tutorials and other shit.
(edit) @1011   8 years sam test: more Remez exchange experimentations.
(edit) @985   8 years sam test: start working on a Remez exchange algorithm implementation so …
(edit) @984   8 years sam test: add a 10-line example program that computes Pi to the 150th digit.
(edit) @945   8 years sam build: new lol-build script for easier autobuilds.
(edit) @942   8 years sam test: reorganise test suite and benchmark code.
(edit) @893   8 years sam test: add an empty sandbox program and update .gitignore.
(edit) @827   8 years sam contrib: add missing .a files that have been ignored by .gitignore for …
(edit) @812   8 years sam build: a few more .gitignore entries.
(edit) @785   8 years sam deushax: move everything DeusHax-related to its own subdirectory.
(edit) @291   9 years sam Tune .gitignore for Win32 usage.
(edit) @267   9 years sam Put generated PNG files in SVN for now.
(edit) @221   9 years sam Complete Lol Engine / Deus Hax / Monsterz split.
(edit) @220   9 years sam Split test-map into deus-hax and monsterz.
(edit) @161   9 years sam Update .gitignore file.
(edit) @115   9 years sam Fix the extra data in the autotools-created tarballs.
(edit) @92   9 years sam Convert everything to the autotools. Managing source dependencies will …
(edit) @85   9 years sam Simple tool to create a font file.
(edit) @68   9 years sam Automatically generate PNG files.
(edit) @18   9 years sam Move video initialisation stuff to a separate source file.
(add) @17   9 years sam Move C++ code in an src/ subdirectory.
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