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(edit) @1084   9 years sam nacl: the Mandelbrot zoomer is starting to work on NaCl.
(edit) @1082   9 years sam core: port all code to NativeClient. Nothing runs for now, but it builds.
(edit) @1025   9 years sam build: use xvfb-run to run the windows-i386 test suite on a non-mingw …
(edit) @981   9 years sam image: add a GDI+ loader.
(edit) @961   9 years sam build: fix a shitload of build errors introduced by the Image …
(edit) @954   9 years sam build: fix GLEW usage to use <glew.h>, not <GL/glew.h>.
(edit) @953   9 years sam build: disable "make check" on win64 because the version of Wine …
(edit) @952   9 years sam build: do not set --build if not really cross-compiling (eg. building …
(edit) @949   9 years sam build: move SDL_image and SDL_mixer binaries to an i686-only directory.
(edit) @948   9 years sam build: fix a typo in the mingw configuration sequence in lol-build and …
(edit) @947   9 years sam build: add a Win64 build of libSDL. Useless for now, because SDL_Image …
(edit) @946   9 years sam build: add debug information to lol-build output.
(edit) @945   9 years sam build: new lol-build script for easier autobuilds.
(edit) @912   9 years sam test: replace CppUnit with our LolUnit test suite. CppUnit is really …
(edit) @876   9 years sam contrib: add a precompiled Win32 version of CppUnit and update build …
(edit) @857   9 years sam build: add iOS build rules to the XML configuration.
(edit) @852   9 years sam build: update Bitten configuration for Windows cross-compilation.
(edit) @847   9 years sam web: tune Bitten configuration.
(add) @846   9 years sam web: create bitten configuration for an amd64 slave.
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