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(edit) @866   9 years sam core: more vec?i -> ?veci renames.
(edit) @863   9 years sam core: rename vec2i to ivec2 etc. to better match GLSL.
(edit) @792   9 years sam tiler: ensure AddTile() and BlitTile() accept vec3i arguments.
(edit) @790   10 years sam tileset: replace the Tiler ID system with real TileSet objects. The …
(edit) @759   10 years sam monsterz: get rid of the Fusion mode, it sucked.
(edit) @758   10 years sam ps3: start a minimal PS3 port using PSGL, but not CG yet.
(edit) @752   10 years sam monsterz: do not display the interface in the title screen.
(edit) @746   10 years sam monsterz: perform move as soon as the grabbed piece is close to its …
(edit) @740   10 years sam monsterz: create a Score class to display the score text and increment …
(edit) @737   10 years sam monsterz: some refactoring in the Piece and Board classes.
(edit) @735   10 years sam core: get rid of now useless <cstdio> includes.
(edit) @686   10 years sam Put everything in the "lol" namespace. Better late than never.
(edit) @664   10 years sam Get rid of float3, float4, int3 etc. in favour of GLSL types.
(edit) @639   10 years sam Make font objects use the TileSet system and fix the text objects' Z …
(edit) @633   10 years sam TileSets can now be initialised either using the tile size, or the …
(edit) @384   10 years sam Make the Board class more generic by allowing non-48x48 tiles.
(edit) @354   10 years sam Remove Piece::Blink and implement it as a timer inside Piece.
(edit) @352   10 years sam Merge the Fusion class back into Board.
(edit) @348   10 years sam Display spawn counts in Fusion mode, and generate random pieces …
(edit) @340   10 years sam Add a Thumbs class to display the sidebar thumbnail icons.
(edit) @331   10 years sam Add an Interface class that displays the general interface.
(edit) @330   10 years sam First implementation of the mouse tracker.
(edit) @326   10 years sam Test entity alignment features. Also, start working on the mouse tracking.
(edit) @325   10 years sam Implement Text::SetInt().
(edit) @324   10 years sam Add a text object to display current score.
(edit) @323   10 years sam Clamp tiles to the board, using a PNG alpha trick.
(edit) @320   10 years sam Display mashed monsterz statistics, up to 12 icons.
(edit) @314   10 years sam Board size and number of available pieces is now a parameter of the …
(edit) @313   10 years sam Rework tile handling. This possibly breaks deushax pretty rudely.
(edit) @311   10 years sam Add idle animations.
(edit) @308   10 years sam Give a new board when no more moves are possible.
(edit) @307   10 years sam Better move counting. We now ensure the initial board has valid moves.
(edit) @306   10 years sam Add a method to count the number of available moves for the current …
(edit) @304   10 years sam Add a FIXME for a known bug.
(edit) @303   10 years sam Heavily optimise the crappy initial board generation.
(edit) @302   10 years sam Fix typo in piece mutation code.
(edit) @299   10 years sam Test code for monsterz generation.
(edit) @297   10 years sam Use monster eyes as particles for the exploding effect.
(edit) @295   10 years sam Fix a few warnings here and there, and try to use the vector classes.
(edit) @294   10 years sam Rename Float3 to float3, Int3 to int3 etc. and add the 4-member versions.
(edit) @293   10 years sam Add pseudorandom functions for floats.
(edit) @292   10 years sam Minor particles tuning, before they're properly added.
(edit) @290   10 years sam Particle emitter test.
(edit) @289   10 years sam Change the way the Scene object works.
(edit) @287   10 years sam Replace a few hardcoded time values with <monsterz.h> constants.
(edit) @284   10 years sam New exploding sprites by Luc. Added to the data but not yet to the code.
(edit) @279   10 years sam Play a few additional sounds (whip and pop).
(edit) @277   10 years sam Add the 8th monsterz, tuned by Luc.
(edit) @276   10 years sam Implement vertical blocking of falling pieces.
(edit) @275   10 years sam Minor comments and code reorg.
(edit) @274   10 years sam Implement above/below pieces.
(edit) @273   10 years sam Fix a bug affecting spawned pieces' initial positions.
(edit) @266   10 years sam Add the pop animation frame to disappearing monsterz.
(edit) @264   10 years sam Start implementing mash lifetime.
(edit) @263   10 years sam Spawn new pieces at the correct coordinates for a free fall.
(edit) @261   10 years sam Use a different speed when pieces are swapped and when they fall.
(edit) @260   10 years sam Quick initial random board.
(edit) @259   10 years sam Slightly change the ...Data initialisation in classes.
(edit) @258   10 years sam Implement valid move checks and early piece disappearance.
(edit) @255   10 years sam New tiles from Luc, with a smaller mouse pointer.
(edit) @253   10 years sam Add preliminary support for sound samples. Implement click.
(edit) @248   10 years sam Make swaps effective now, just for testing purposes.
(edit) @245   10 years sam Swapping animation works.
(edit) @243   10 years sam Allow to immediately grab an ungrabbed piece if it is close enough.
(edit) @238   10 years sam Pieces can now be grabbed around.
(edit) @234   10 years sam Add our custom mouse pointer. Switch framerate to 60 fps so that the …
(edit) @231   10 years sam Properly delta-time blinks.
(edit) @230   10 years sam Monsters can now blink.
(edit) @227   10 years sam Spawn several pieces in Monsterz now that we can.
(edit) @226   10 years sam New class for board pieces.
(copy) @223   10 years sam Rename DebugBoard to Board. It's good enough now.
copied from trunk/monsterz/debugboard.cpp:
(edit) @222   10 years sam Add support for rotated views and stretched tiles.
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