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(edit) @897   9 years sam core: implement accelerated cos().
(edit) @896   9 years sam core: add a code shortcut for sin() on platforms that have cheap branches.
(edit) @885   9 years sam core: start implementing optimised trigonometry functions for PS3 and x86.
(edit) @871   9 years sam core: implement new half / float operations and the associated tests.
(edit) @867   9 years sam core: start working on the "half" type.
(edit) @864   9 years sam android: keep a pointer on the global Java VM instead of the current …
(edit) @862   9 years sam core: add a Sprite class to try to factor some common logic currently …
(edit) @860   9 years sam render: add a Gradient class that will be used for dithering later.
(edit) @783   9 years sam build: put debug stuff and shader stuff in subdirectories.
(edit) @749   9 years sam ui: add a Platform class to query information about the current …
(edit) @748   9 years sam core: fix include guard naming scheme.
(edit) @734   9 years sam core: create a logger class to reduce printf usage.
(edit) @688   9 years sam Add the Image class for better abstraction.
(edit) @669   9 years sam Implement CRC32 in the new Hash class. Will be useful for Dict and for …
(edit) @659   9 years sam Try to factor all the recent GLSL stuff in the new Shader class.
(edit) @658   9 years sam Get rid of the SHADER_CRAP macro and use LOL_EXPERIMENTAL instead, …
(edit) @653   9 years sam More shader crap for GLSL 1.30. Still disabled.
(edit) @312   10 years sam Create the WorldEntity class, for objects with world coordinates.
(edit) @293   10 years sam Add pseudorandom functions for floats.
(edit) @288   10 years sam Skeleton for the particle emitter class.
(edit) @282   10 years sam Add a Text object for OSD and possibly other effects.
(edit) @253   10 years sam Add preliminary support for sound samples. Implement click.
(edit) @251   10 years sam Skeleton for sample entity and sampler manager classes.
(edit) @221   10 years sam Complete Lol Engine / Deus Hax / Monsterz split.
(edit) @220   10 years sam Split test-map into deus-hax and monsterz.
(edit) @183   10 years sam Start creating the World class.
(edit) @155   10 years sam New MapViewer class and some GTK+ refactoring.
(edit) @153   10 years sam Factor Forge and Tiler using the new Dict class.
(add) @150   10 years sam Replace mouse scrolling with a joystick simulated by the e/s/d/f keys.
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