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(edit) @2301   7 years sam build: fix a few macro logic issues in SDL.h inclusion.
(edit) @2300   7 years sam build: add SDL detection code in new file lol-sdl.m4. The SDL2 version …
(edit) @2222   7 years sam core: you can now while(app.MustTick()) { Tick(); } instead of app.Run().
(edit) @2183   8 years sam build: fix the WTFPL site URL in all code comments.
(edit) @1808   8 years sam build: fix shitloads of warnings.
(edit) @1709   8 years sam input: switch SDL joystick handling mode to polling, because we won't …
(edit) @1689   8 years sam core: better EGL error reporting.
(edit) @1684   8 years sam build: switch the Android native build rules to autoconf; still a bit …
(edit) @1674   8 years sam gpu: don't forget to ask for a depth buffer on GL ES systems.
(edit) @1673   8 years sam core: remove debug code that caused all builds to fail.
(edit) @1671   8 years sam core: on the Raspberry Pi, use the proprietary graphics library …
(edit) @1106   9 years sam core: try to merge Ticker and Emcee. Still not very good.
(edit) @863   9 years sam core: rename vec2i to ivec2 etc. to better match GLSL.
(edit) @755   9 years sam video: get rid of Video::GetWidth() and Video::GetHeight().
(edit) @745   9 years sam video: enforce shader-enabled GL implementations, getting rid of a lot …
(edit) @735   9 years sam core: get rid of now useless <cstdio> includes.
(edit) @734   9 years sam core: create a logger class to reduce printf usage.
(edit) @691   9 years sam Fix delete/free confusions in EglApp and SdlApp.
(edit) @687   9 years sam Remove the old and ugly Font macro diversion.
(edit) @686   9 years sam Put everything in the "lol" namespace. Better late than never.
(edit) @683   9 years sam Try to fix GLES 2 rendering. No luck so far.
(add) @682   9 years sam Add preliminary support for EGL applications.
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