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(edit) @2435   7 years sam base: add Array::Swap() method and the corresponding unit test.
(edit) @2409   7 years sam base: break into the debugger on assertion failure if present.
(edit) @2402   7 years sam base: work around an annoying GCC warning we very well know about.
(edit) @2383   7 years sam base: crash with an assert error if trying to access a read-only map …
(edit) @2361   7 years sam sys: prototype for the file reading functions.
(edit) @2354   7 years sam base: move headers around and promote gpu/ to lol/gpu/.
(edit) @2297   7 years sam base: implement UNUSED() macro and put it here and there.
(edit) @2270   7 years sam base: add missing local using statement for namespace std.
(edit) @2269   7 years sam base: optimise array concatenation, fix string concatenation, and fix …
(edit) @2267   7 years sam base: tweak the asserts in the String class, add String::Sub() method …
(edit) @2266   7 years sam base: add safety asserts to the Array and String classes.
(edit) @2265   7 years sam core: implement a cool ASSERT() macro.
(edit) @2261   7 years sam base: fix header guard names.
(edit) @2260   7 years sam base: fix a bug in the String fixed-size constructor.
(edit) @2256   7 years sam core: implement String::Printf() for va_list arguments.
(edit) @2249   7 years sam core: fix PS3 compilation.
(edit) @2245   7 years sam core: add missing <cstring> include in our string.h.
(edit) @2240   7 years sam string: implement String::Last() and a constructor for fixed-length …
(edit) @2235   7 years sam base: implement String::Resize().
(edit) @2230   7 years sam base: fix a nasty double free issue in Array::Remove().
(edit) @2216   8 years touky New year copyright update.
(edit) @2198   8 years sam base: fix more memory corruptions in the Array class.
(add) @2184   8 years sam build: rename “core” directory to “base” because the former is used …
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