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(edit) @218   10 years sam The Tile size can now be specified upon TileSet load. Add a sample …
(edit) @208   10 years sam Add a debugging sphere object to test transparency.
(edit) @206   10 years sam Activate depth buffer when the GL context is created.
(edit) @203   10 years sam Add a stats logger entity.
(edit) @186   10 years sam Support tilesets larger than 512x512 and switch the coordinates system …
(edit) @170   10 years sam Properly implement program termination, including in the GTK program.
(edit) @154   10 years sam Refactor stuff.
(edit) @150   10 years sam Replace mouse scrolling with a joystick simulated by the e/s/d/f keys.
(edit) @149   10 years sam Get the timer to talk milliseconds instead of seconds.
(edit) @145   10 years sam Remove some debug stuff.
(edit) @144   10 years sam Implement video recording using libpipi.
(edit) @132   10 years sam Add a debug sprite to the scene.
(edit) @126   10 years sam Minor updates here and there. Not worth mentioning.
(edit) @122   10 years sam Implement the profiling system.
(edit) @118   10 years sam Fixed framerate now has sub-millisecond accuracy on Linux.
(edit) @116   10 years sam Implement a better timing mechanism for fixed framerate. Accuracy is …
(edit) @112   10 years sam Proper delta time computation in both the game and the editor.
(edit) @111   10 years sam The frame counter is now an asset object.
(edit) @108   10 years sam Get rid of SdlVideo, it was pretty useless.
(edit) @106   10 years sam Make the Game class an asset like the others.
(edit) @105   10 years sam Create a helper class for easy scene setup. Highly reduces the number …
(edit) @103   10 years sam Reimplement the SDL input as a ticked asset object.
(edit) @102   10 years sam Implement a quit() mechanism in the Game class.
(edit) @100   10 years sam Slightly improve the documentation in a few files, add the missing …
(edit) @98   10 years sam Implement a naive garbage collector.
(edit) @96   10 years sam Implement lazy initialisation of TileSet objects.
(edit) @93   10 years sam The GTK loop now works. Sort of.
(edit) @90   10 years sam Change the Video class into an interface, implemented by SdlVideo and, …
(edit) @79   11 years sam Rendering starts to work again. There is no Z-sorting yet.
(edit) @75   11 years sam Much better resource allocation and release. Scene manager stub.
(edit) @74   11 years sam Support CSV .tmx files to get rid of that pathetic system() call.
(edit) @47   11 years sam The layer name is no longer ignored.
(edit) @38   11 years sam Dynamically allocate layers when loading maps.
(edit) @33   11 years sam Test collisions.
(edit) @25   11 years sam Fix test map layers.
(edit) @24   11 years sam Sort layers before rendering.
(edit) @22   11 years sam Create a tile manager. There are no longer any GL calls in …
(edit) @21   11 years sam Add a sprite following the mouse.
(edit) @20   11 years sam Add mediocre support for .tmx tiled maps.
(edit) @18   11 years sam Move video initialisation stuff to a separate source file.
(copy) @17   11 years sam Move C++ code in an src/ subdirectory.
copied from trunk/test-map.cpp:
(edit) @16   11 years sam Upload all vertex buffers on each frame. It is not noticeably slower …
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