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(edit) @664   9 years sam Get rid of float3, float4, int3 etc. in favour of GLSL types.
(edit) @662   9 years sam Merge more code from the experimental MVP refactor into the old GL code.
(edit) @659   9 years sam Try to factor all the recent GLSL stuff in the new Shader class.
(edit) @658   9 years sam Get rid of the SHADER_CRAP macro and use LOL_EXPERIMENTAL instead, …
(edit) @657   9 years sam Clean up stuff in the shader crap.
(edit) @656   9 years sam More shader crap. Texture coordinates now work. Still disabled.
(edit) @654   9 years sam More shader crap. We can now display a coloured quad. Still disabled.
(edit) @653   9 years sam More shader crap for GLSL 1.30. Still disabled.
(edit) @615   9 years sam Allow to specify FPS in the DebugRecord object.
(edit) @221   9 years sam Complete Lol Engine / Deus Hax / Monsterz split.
(edit) @216   9 years sam Fix compilation issue caused by WinDef.h defining "near" and "far" macros.
(edit) @211   10 years sam Put HUD objects back on front of the scene.
(edit) @209   10 years sam Implement Video::SetFov() to allow conic projection.
(edit) @207   10 years sam Proper depth buffer handling with minimal alpha support.
(edit) @186   10 years sam Support tilesets larger than 512x512 and switch the coordinates system …
(edit) @150   10 years sam Replace mouse scrolling with a joystick simulated by the e/s/d/f keys.
(edit) @142   10 years sam Disable depth test. We do our own management.
(edit) @140   10 years sam Implement Video::Capture and create a GROUP_RENDER_CAPTURE tick group.
(edit) @139   10 years sam Implement Video::GetWidth() and Video::GetHeight().
(edit) @135   10 years sam Better near/far values.
(add) @105   10 years sam Create a helper class for easy scene setup. Highly reduces the number …
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