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(edit) @1653   8 years sam build: add libSDLmain.a binaries for GUI MinGW builds; the provided …
(edit) @1649   8 years sam core: fix the Windows and OS X builds with SDL.
(edit) @1647   8 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1646   8 years sam core: on Windows, output log messages to the Visual Studio debug …
(edit) @1640   8 years sam core: fix shitloads of compiler warnings in the Bullet source code.
(edit) @1637   8 years sam core: display names for entities that forget to call Entity::Tick*.
(edit) @1621   8 years sam easymesh: set the capsule's main axis to Y, not Z.
(edit) @1619   8 years sam easymesh: add the capsule mesh.
(edit) @1615   8 years sam easymesh: fix the HLSL code in shiny.lolfx.
(edit) @1610   8 years sam build: rename "Lol.Core.Build.props" to the more explicit …
(edit) @1604   8 years sam easymesh: use an icosphere instead of an UV-sphere for the sphere …
(edit) @1603   8 years sam gpu: enable backface culling for indexed meshes, too.
(edit) @1599   8 years touky EasyMesh : Fixed normals on disc when one of the radius == 0 …
(edit) @1590   8 years sam core: start working on a higher level LolFx compiler based on the …
(edit) @1589   8 years sam easymesh: the light direction is now a uniform variable.
(edit) @1587   8 years sam ps3: add pad support for the PS3, without plug/unplug detection for now.
(edit) @1579   8 years sam ps3: fix CPU and stack size performance issues on the PS3.
(edit) @1577   8 years sam build: put all Bullet files in their own VS2010 project subfolder.
(edit) @1575   8 years sam core: build Bullet as part of the VS2010 project.
(edit) @1572   8 years sam core: fix Bullet compilation with the Native Client toolchain.
(edit) @1570   8 years sam core: add the whole BulletPhysics source code to the engine core, …
(edit) @1563   8 years sam build: do like BulletPhysics and make the PS3 code always visible.
(edit) @1557   8 years sam data: fix ascii.png search path.
(edit) @1540   8 years sam build: factor the LolFx compilation rule into
(edit) @1535   8 years sam build: allow to build the PS3 binaries from Visual Studio if the …
(edit) @1532   8 years sam gpu: fix vertex and index buffer behaviour on the PS3.
(edit) @1531   8 years sam core: workaround for systems that don't like thread exiting early.
(edit) @1524   8 years sam build: move all games to a "games" subdirectory to clean up the root …
(edit) @1523   8 years sam build: OS X compilation fixes: use GL_INVALID_ENUM instead of …
(edit) @1519   8 years sam build: add lots of missing svn:ignore properties.
(edit) @1518   8 years sam build: reorganise all the build stuff so that it lies in build/ and …
(edit) @1517   8 years sam gpu: disable framebuffer objects on GL ES for now, and disable integer …
(edit) @1513   8 years sam core: replace usage of sin() or std::sin() with lol::sin() where …
(edit) @1512   8 years sam build: fix the PS3 port by using our trig.h everywhere instead of …
(edit) @1510   8 years sam easymesh: move the Mesh builder into the engine core.
(edit) @1502   8 years sam core: fix a few build warnings and remove useless operators from the …
(edit) @1488   8 years sam gpu: remove FrameBuffer::Clear(), it's not really useful.
(edit) @1480   8 years sam gpu: better state restoration after vertex buffer usage.
(edit) @1479   8 years sam build: simplify the .lolfx file compilation.
(edit) @1478   8 years sam gpu: do not convert u8vec4 to integers when set as array buffers, …
(edit) @1475   8 years sam gpu: do not convert integers in vertex streams to floats.
(edit) @1470   8 years sam gpu: be more verbose about shader compilation; some warnings are useful.
(edit) @1468   8 years sam gpu: fix a harmless inconsistency in vertexbuffer function order that …
(edit) @1466   8 years sam gpu: add GL points support to the primitive rendering.
(edit) @1459   8 years sam neercs: some refactoring.
(edit) @1455   8 years sam gpu: first FrameBuffer GPU class.
(edit) @1453   8 years sam build: remove \r from shader files before compilation.
(edit) @1452   8 years sam gpu: first shot at a Shader::SetTexture() function.
(edit) @1450   8 years sam gpu: disable all vertex attributes upon vertex declaration unbind, …
(edit) @1449   8 years sam build: fix a few build issues (missing -lxinput, missing d3d9 source …
(edit) @1443   8 years sam gpu: silently ignore empty vertex and index buffers instead of …
(edit) @1442   8 years sam orbital: some improvements to the mesh parser and error reporting.
(edit) @1440   8 years sam nacl: NaCl binaries no longer need a modified main() to work, the NaCl …
(edit) @1439   8 years sam nacl: preliminary gamepad support in the NaCl backend.
(edit) @1435   8 years sam nacl: remove our old hack of #including the file containing main() …
(edit) @1426   9 years sam core: rename f64vec4 to dvec4 etc. for consistency with GLSL.
(edit) @1408   9 years sam win32: better error reporting in the GDI+ loader, based on a patch by …
(edit) @1407   9 years sam gpu: irrelevant tweaks to a test material file.
(edit) @1406   9 years sam gpu: start working on the LolFx format.
(edit) @1405   9 years sam math: declare some HLSL-compliant types.
(edit) @1403   9 years sam build: ensure .lolfx.cpp files get cleaned up.
(edit) @1402   9 years sam math: fix minor compiler warnings that appeared with g++ 4.7.
(edit) @1401   9 years sam core: no longer deactivate std::ostream features on Android.
(edit) @1399   9 years sam input: fix brain fart in our SDL joystick input.
(edit) @1394   9 years sam input: support up to 16 buttons in Xbox-like pads.
(edit) @1389   9 years sam gpu: define the _XBOX macro in our HLSL compilation.
(edit) @1385   9 years sam gpu: allow to load a .lolfx file instead of all those shaders.
(edit) @1383   9 years sam build: build .lolfx files from automake.
(edit) @1382   9 years sam math: workaround for an apparent Visual Studio compiler bug in …
(edit) @1381   9 years sam core: some clang and g++ 4.7 compilation fixes.
(edit) @1380   9 years sam win32: add a custom build rule for '.lolfx' files. The files are …
(edit) @1376   9 years touky Small WorldEntity tweaks.
(edit) @1375   9 years touky Added some convenient functions in camera.
(edit) @1369   9 years sam math: replace len(vec) with length(vec) to match the GLSL naming.
(edit) @1362   9 years sam orbital: use both thumb sticks to pilot ships.
(edit) @1361   9 years sam win32: add an Xinput class for Xbox360 controllers, because they're …
(edit) @1358   9 years sam input: support Xbox input system for gamepads.
(edit) @1355   9 years sam input: allow to remap gamepad axes in the generic input layer.
(edit) @1353   9 years sam orbital: play with the camera.
(edit) @1352   9 years sam math: implement all Euler conversions for 3×3 matrices.
(edit) @1351   9 years sam math: implement quaternion creation from true Euler angles (as opposed …
(edit) @1350   9 years sam core: add methods to set the camera's view matrix.
(edit) @1349   9 years sam math: support all Tait-Bryan angle combinations in quaternions.
(edit) @1348   9 years sam orbital: move ship with arrows.
(edit) @1346   9 years sam input: blacklist HDAPS as a joystick, it's not really a joystick.
(edit) @1345   9 years sam core: allow to concatenate arrays, and add unit tests for that.
(edit) @1343   9 years sam input: do not let the joystick override the keyboard.
(edit) @1342   9 years sam input: add core joystick support and bind the SDL input to that.
(edit) @1341   9 years sam math: allow to write 1.f / q to take a quaternion's inverse.
(edit) @1337   9 years sam gpu: activate backface culling on OpenGL to remain consistent with the …
(edit) @1336   9 years sam orbital: play with the tanks.
(edit) @1335   9 years sam core: make WorldEntity rotation a quaternion.
(edit) @1331   9 years sam core: add Last() and Pop() methods to the Array class.
(edit) @1329   9 years sam core: convert some realloc() calls to our nice dynamic Array class.
(edit) @1328   9 years sam core: the Array class now properly works with non-POD types.
(edit) @1326   9 years sam core: rename Array::Append() to Array::Push() for brevity and …
(edit) @1325   9 years sam core: move some of the camera view logic from the Video class to the …
(edit) @1324   9 years sam gpu: fix a memory leak in the VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer classes.
(edit) @1323   9 years sam core: reduce compilation time by about 30% by playing with namespaces …
(edit) @1322   9 years sam math: fix a bug in mat3::fromeuler().
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