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(edit) @1834   8 years touky small tweak on BtPhysTest. does not work better.
(edit) @1819   8 years touky BulletCharacterController is now readable by a human being. BtPhysTest …
(edit) @1803   8 years sam input: switch all key names to camel case, like our other enums.
(edit) @1794   8 years touky Input now works correctly
(edit) @1790   8 years touky CIS FUCK
(edit) @1789   8 years touky Added correct implementation of Action layer for Inputs. Useage : - …
(edit) @1785   8 years touky Added InputTracker test initPhysTest
(edit) @1768   8 years touky Added Attachment/base logic with working attachment with …
(edit) @1764   8 years touky Added Base/Attachment Logic, works with Kinematic & Ghost.
(edit) @1749   8 years touky Reverted last CL
(edit) @1748   8 years touky Small .h & .cpp refactor
(edit) @1747   8 years touky BtPhysTest : Splitted Physics files
(edit) @1732   8 years touky FAKE Jump
(edit) @1724   8 years touky So Character Controller works with a lazy camera logic.
(edit) @1722   8 years touky LocalInertia error FIX. Character integration better but still not working.
(edit) @1698   8 years touky Lazy WE : Small tweaks in the BtPhysTest demo. Added Ghost Object …
(edit) @1647   8 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1645   8 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1633   8 years touky Correct integration of EasyConstraint + TestDemo.
(edit) @1630   8 years touky Small refactor of the Phys::Simulation. Phys::Simulation is now an …
(edit) @1617   8 years sam test: go ape shit crazy on the FoV.
(edit) @1616   8 years sam test: fix physics cube backface culling.
(edit) @1613   8 years touky BtPhysTest : Container box now moves.
(edit) @1607   8 years touky Added walls and better context to the physics.
(edit) @1605   8 years sam test: minor tweaks to the physics demo.
(edit) @1600   8 years touky Added Cylinder primitives. Added several delete/destructor, speeds up …
(edit) @1593   8 years touky Some CIS FIX.
(edit) @1592   8 years touky #include were fucked-up ...…
(edit) @1591   8 years touky Behold the power of LolPhysics ! Added lol::phys::Simulation, …
(edit) @1581   8 years sam test: minor tweaks to the Bullet demo.
(edit) @1573   8 years sam test: refine physics timestep.
(edit) @1571   8 years sam test: activate the Bullet Physics test on all Unix platforms.
(edit) @1569   8 years touky Works better now.
(edit) @1568   8 years touky BtPhysTest works !
(edit) @1564   8 years touky Small BtPhysTest tweak, the camera shows something, now.
(edit) @1562   8 years sam test: use lol::mat4 instead of Bullet matrices.
(edit) @1556   8 years sam contrib: clean up the BulletPhysics contrib directory.
(add) @1554   8 years touky Added Location modifier in URO. Added BtPhystest for Bullet Physics …
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