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(edit) @2205   8 years sam color: unit test data for the CIEDE2000 color-difference formula.
(edit) @2109   8 years sam core: we can now set Map elements using simply map[foo] = bar, no need …
(edit) @2098   8 years sam build: add missing bullet .h files to
(edit) @2096   8 years sam core: more string concatenation and comparison methods, plus a lot of …
(edit) @2084   8 years sam build: fixes for out-of-tree builds, and get rid of some deprecated stuff.
(edit) @1981   8 years sam ps3: refactor elf → self build logic and make make_fself mandatory …
(edit) @1938   8 years sam build: some build system fixes.
(edit) @1923   8 years sam build: add a include file and a "make lolcheck" target that …
(edit) @1847   9 years sam debug: get rid of quad.cpp, it's become useless.
(edit) @1797   9 years touky Fixed
(edit) @1795   9 years touky Fixed Entity::TickGame log flood. Added BulletCharacterController.cpp …
(edit) @1760   9 years sam build: fix a few compilation and build errors.
(edit) @1754   9 years sam build: add missing files to Makefile.
(edit) @1684   9 years sam build: switch the Android native build rules to autoconf; still a bit …
(edit) @1594   9 years sam test: add missing physics files to Makefile.
(edit) @1571   9 years sam test: activate the Bullet Physics test on all Unix platforms.
(edit) @1518   9 years sam build: reorganise all the build stuff so that it lies in build/ and …
(edit) @1318   9 years sam test: add several unit tests for rotations with matrices and quaternions.
(edit) @1294   9 years sam test: add unit tests for the Array class.
(edit) @1257   9 years sam math: add inversion code for 2×2 and 3×3 matrices, and transposition …
(edit) @1139   9 years sam math: rename matrix.h to vector.h and simplify some stuff, especially …
(edit) @1112   9 years gary build: minor reorganisation of the sandbox code.
(edit) @1052   9 years sam core: implement complex numbers and add unit tests for these.
(edit) @1047   9 years sam core: implement a quaternion class and tighten some vector operation …
(edit) @1043   9 years sam test: start writing tutorials and other shit.
(edit) @984   9 years sam test: add a 10-line example program that computes Pi to the 150th digit.
(edit) @978   9 years sam test: add simple unit tests for image loading.
(edit) @977   9 years sam core: new benchmark snippet for operations on reals.
(edit) @965   9 years sam core: start working on a "real" class for arbitrarily sized floats.
(edit) @951   9 years sam build: better clean rule for the test directory.
(edit) @945   9 years sam build: new lol-build script for easier autobuilds.
(edit) @942   9 years sam test: reorganise test suite and benchmark code.
(edit) @941   9 years sam test: add unit tests to check whether the build environment behaved as …
(edit) @912   9 years sam test: replace CppUnit with our LolUnit test suite. CppUnit is really …
(edit) @895   10 years sam test: replace lol-bench with lol-bench$(EXEEXT) in the Makefile to …
(edit) @893   10 years sam test: add an empty sandbox program and update .gitignore.
(edit) @889   10 years sam test: new test for trigonometric functions.
(edit) @878   10 years sam build: clean up .self files and allow to build the benchmark on the PS3.
(edit) @868   10 years sam test: add first test routines for the half class.
(edit) @769   10 years sam test: add a debug quad test application.
(add) @642   10 years sam Add an optional cppunit dependency for unit tests.
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