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(edit) @1651   9 years sam test: damn, re-add an include I mistakenly removed.
(edit) @1650   9 years sam test: fix linking of remez.cpp on OS X.
(edit) @1647   9 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1645   9 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1129   9 years sam lolremez: release LolRemez 0.2.
(edit) @1127   9 years sam math: significant performance improvements in the Remez solver.
(edit) @1126   9 years sam math: write a faster factorial method for use in exp() and sin(). …
(edit) @1124   9 years gary lolremez: distribute Visual Studio files with LolRemez.
(edit) @1119   9 years sam math: make everything clean for a LolRemez release.
(edit) @1117   9 years sam math: move the Remez algorithm implementation to the core.
(edit) @1112   9 years gary build: minor reorganisation of the sandbox code.
(edit) @1097   9 years sam ps3: start implementing the PS3 threading system, and port the new …
(edit) @1091   9 years sam test: make namespace usage less intrusive in math examples.
(edit) @1070   9 years sam tutorial: replace log() calls with fast approximations.
(edit) @1069   9 years gary tutorial: port the Mandelbrot dithering shader to Cg.
(edit) @1050   9 years sam test: fix OS X compilation; we still need SDLmain.a on that platform.
(edit) @1036   9 years sam build: allow to build without the PS3-specific files.
(edit) @1034   9 years sam build: remove cruft from the repository.
(edit) @1027   9 years sam test: minor Remez algorithm tests.
(edit) @1015   9 years sam test: random useless crap.
(edit) @1014   9 years sam test: various improvements to the Remez exchange solver.
(edit) @1012   9 years sam test: more Remez exchange experimentations.
(edit) @1011   9 years sam test: more Remez exchange experimentations.
(edit) @1010   9 years sam test: allow to perform Remez solving on an arbitrary range.
(edit) @1009   9 years sam test: some refactoring in the Remez solver to prepare multiple …
(edit) @1008   9 years sam test: add missing <cstdio> include in pi test program.
(edit) @1007   9 years sam test: use namespace "std" to avoid PS3 build errors.
(edit) @1005   9 years sam test: add support for relative error in the Remez exchange test program.
(edit) @997   9 years sam core: add boolean operators on real numbers, add unit tests for that, …
(edit) @996   9 years sam test: minor updates to the Pi program (now almost deprecated) and the …
(edit) @991   9 years sam test: the Remez algorithm is now almost functional.
(edit) @989   9 years sam test: more work on the Remez exchange algorithm.
(edit) @985   9 years sam test: start working on a Remez exchange algorithm implementation so …
(add) @984   9 years sam test: add a 10-line example program that computes Pi to the 150th digit.
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