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(edit) @2297   10 years sam base: implement UNUSED() macro and put it here and there.
(edit) @2296   10 years sam meshviewer: include <cfloat> for missing FLT_MAX definition.
(edit) @2294   10 years touky Added MeshViewer new project, its goal being to have a program capable …
(edit) @2276   10 years sam build: revert the weak symbol work; it confuses Visual Studio too much.
(edit) @2274   10 years sam build: provide weak symbols for lol_sdl_main on Visual Studio.
(edit) @2273   10 years sam build: use our own main() wrapper in addition to SDL's, and only in …
(edit) @2269   10 years sam base: optimise array concatenation, fix string concatenation, and fix …
(edit) @2268   10 years sam test: add unit tests for the String class; they currently fail because …
(edit) @2267   10 years sam base: tweak the asserts in the String class, add String::Sub() method …
(edit) @2241   10 years sam core: pass the project directory to the binary build and get rid of …
(edit) @2237   10 years sam system: try to autodetect the data directory from the executable path; …
(edit) @2230   10 years sam base: fix a nasty double free issue in Array::Remove().
(edit) @2218   10 years sam color: write the RGB to HSL routine and its associated unit tests.
(edit) @2217   10 years sam color: optimise RGB to HSV conversion routine using my latest …
(edit) @2216   10 years touky New year copyright update.
(edit) @2207   10 years sam color: simplify CIEDE2000 distance code.
(edit) @2206   10 years sam color: fix a mistake in the CIEDE2000 color-difference formula.
(edit) @2205   10 years sam color: unit test data for the CIEDE2000 color-difference formula.
(edit) @2186   10 years sam build: add svn:ignore tags and remove empty directories.
(edit) @2183   10 years sam build: fix the WTFPL site URL in all code comments.
(edit) @2165   10 years sam build: renormalise a lot of files.
(edit) @2161   10 years jylam * vcxproj weirdness
(edit) @2148   10 years touky the stupidest idea of the day : the cube light, specular still missing.
(edit) @2116   11 years touky Added tsw (ToggleScaleWinding) command in EasyMesh Parser to make …
(edit) @2109   11 years sam core: we can now set Map elements using simply map[foo] = bar, no need …
(edit) @2101   11 years sam core: do not use va_copy since Visual Studio doesn’t know about it.
(edit) @2100   11 years sam core: implement String::Printf() and start working on the unit tests. …
(edit) @2098   11 years sam build: add missing bullet .h files to
(edit) @2096   11 years sam core: more string concatenation and comparison methods, plus a lot of …
(edit) @2084   11 years sam build: fixes for out-of-tree builds, and get rid of some deprecated stuff.
(edit) @2056   11 years sam math: reimplement min(), max(), abs() and fmod() in the lol:: …
(edit) @1995   11 years sam build: upgrade glew binaries to 1.9.0 and rename the contrib directory …
(edit) @1981   11 years sam ps3: refactor elf → self build logic and make make_fself mandatory …
(edit) @1938   11 years sam build: some build system fixes.
(edit) @1923   11 years sam build: add a include file and a "make lolcheck" target that …
(edit) @1912   11 years sam test: fix mesh settings in the physics demo.
(edit) @1893   11 years sam math: refactor real number constant declarations so that they are only …
(edit) @1888   11 years lolbot fixed 23 files out of 277: - fixed 1270 CR characters - fixed 56 …
(edit) @1870   11 years touky Revert
(edit) @1869   11 years touky Small refactor on the BulletCc.
(edit) @1850   11 years sam build: add missing VCS ignore properties.
(edit) @1847   11 years sam debug: get rid of quad.cpp, it's become useless.
(edit) @1845   11 years touky CIS:CSI
(edit) @1844   11 years touky
(edit) @1834   11 years touky small tweak on BtPhysTest. does not work better.
(edit) @1819   11 years touky BulletCharacterController is now readable by a human being. BtPhysTest …
(edit) @1803   11 years sam input: switch all key names to camel case, like our other enums.
(edit) @1802   11 years sam test: fix Touky's brainfart.
(edit) @1798   11 years touky Added BulletCharacter Dummy code.
(edit) @1797   11 years touky Fixed
(edit) @1796   11 years sam math: add dot() for quaternions, plus the relevant unit test.
(edit) @1795   11 years touky Fixed Entity::TickGame log flood. Added BulletCharacterController.cpp …
(edit) @1794   11 years touky Input now works correctly
(edit) @1790   11 years touky CIS FUCK
(edit) @1789   11 years touky Added correct implementation of Action layer for Inputs. Useage : - …
(edit) @1785   11 years touky Added InputTracker test initPhysTest
(edit) @1782   11 years touky Small physic refactor.
(edit) @1779   11 years touky Fixed stupid base_movement which was cached for ever.
(edit) @1768   11 years touky Added Attachment/base logic with working attachment with …
(edit) @1764   11 years touky Added Base/Attachment Logic, works with Kinematic & Ghost.
(edit) @1760   11 years sam build: fix a few compilation and build errors.
(edit) @1758   11 years touky BUILD fuck
(edit) @1757   11 years touky Warning removal.
(edit) @1756   11 years touky Seems like default values in constructor generates Warning on Chrome.
(edit) @1755   11 years touky copy/paste fail
(edit) @1754   11 years sam build: add missing files to Makefile.
(edit) @1751   11 years touky Added a skeleton for Input Tracking & base idea for Touch/untouch …
(edit) @1749   11 years touky Reverted last CL
(edit) @1748   11 years touky Small .h & .cpp refactor
(edit) @1747   11 years touky BtPhysTest : Splitted Physics files
(edit) @1732   11 years touky FAKE Jump
(edit) @1728   11 years touky CIS MASS DESTRUCTION ! Indeed
(edit) @1727   11 years touky CIS
(edit) @1726   11 years touky CIS FUCK
(edit) @1725   11 years touky CIS FIX
(edit) @1724   11 years touky So Character Controller works with a lazy camera logic.
(edit) @1722   11 years touky LocalInertia error FIX. Character integration better but still not working.
(edit) @1713   11 years sam build: add skeleton for JNat's demo.
(edit) @1708   11 years Jnat added return
(edit) @1702   11 years touky Skeleton for EasyCharacterController
(edit) @1698   11 years touky Lazy WE : Small tweaks in the BtPhysTest demo. Added Ghost Object …
(edit) @1696   11 years sam test: smooth physics objects, for fun.
(edit) @1684   11 years sam build: switch the Android native build rules to autoconf; still a bit …
(edit) @1668   11 years sam test: add a unit test to ensure default constructed reals are …
(edit) @1659   11 years sam build: add missing svn:ignore properties to keep rez happy.
(edit) @1652   11 years sam test: use SDLmain for the testsuite, too.
(edit) @1651   11 years sam test: damn, re-add an include I mistakenly removed.
(edit) @1650   11 years sam test: fix linking of remez.cpp on OS X.
(edit) @1648   11 years sam test: fix compilation warnings caused by constant strings being cast …
(edit) @1647   11 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1645   11 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1641   11 years sam test: fix the physics simulation tick.
(edit) @1633   11 years touky Correct integration of EasyConstraint + TestDemo.
(edit) @1632   11 years touky Small name refactor & correct Kinematic integration. + Constraint …
(edit) @1631   11 years touky Added Collision group & mask support. + weird racist test : the …
(edit) @1630   11 years touky Small refactor of the Phys::Simulation. Phys::Simulation is now an …
(edit) @1621   11 years sam easymesh: set the capsule's main axis to Y, not Z.
(edit) @1617   11 years sam test: go ape shit crazy on the FoV.
(edit) @1616   11 years sam test: fix physics cube backface culling.
(edit) @1614   11 years sam test: fix an alignment issue with btVector3/vec3 casts.
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