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(edit) @900   10 years sam core: improve tan() accuracy by tweaking higher order Taylor coefficients.
(edit) @899   10 years sam core: implement accelerated lol_sincos() and lol_tan().
(edit) @897   10 years sam core: implement accelerated cos().
(edit) @895   10 years sam test: replace lol-bench with lol-bench$(EXEEXT) in the Makefile to …
(edit) @894   10 years sam test: do the trigonometry tests on doubles instead of floats.
(edit) @893   10 years sam test: add an empty sandbox program and update .gitignore.
(edit) @892   10 years sam optim: better isnan() reimplementation.
(edit) @890   10 years sam core: remove one multiplication and one selection from the optimised …
(edit) @889   10 years sam test: new test for trigonometric functions.
(edit) @887   10 years sam test: implement a custom isnan() This version is faster (about 25% on …
(edit) @886   10 years sam test: add benchmark tests for trigonometry functions.
(edit) @881   10 years sam contrib: rebuild the Win32 CppUnit under Linux and fix the includes. …
(edit) @880   10 years sam test: add matrix code to the benchmark program.
(edit) @879   10 years sam core: tune the half precision code so that the best variants are being …
(edit) @878   10 years sam build: clean up .self files and allow to build the benchmark on the PS3.
(edit) @877   10 years sam test: improve the benchmark code to measure a lot more half precision …
(edit) @875   10 years sam test: add a fallback for isnan() when not defined by the system includes.
(edit) @874   10 years sam core: rename half::isnan() etc. to half::is_nan() because "isnan" can …
(edit) @872   10 years sam core: minor refactoring in the float / half conversions to accomodate …
(edit) @871   10 years sam core: implement new half / float operations and the associated tests.
(edit) @870   10 years sam test: augment the half precision numbers testsuite.
(edit) @868   10 years sam test: add first test routines for the half class.
(edit) @865   10 years sam core: move platform-specific code to specific directories.
(edit) @863   10 years sam core: rename vec2i to ivec2 etc. to better match GLSL.
(edit) @817   10 years sam test: add a unit test for the recent vector promotion problem.
(edit) @770   10 years sam test: start writing really minimalist GL rendering tests.
(edit) @769   10 years sam test: add a debug quad test application.
(edit) @768   10 years sam core: add the unary minus operator to vectors.
(edit) @757   10 years sam math: implement vector comparisons and add minimal unit tests for this …
(edit) @686   10 years sam Put everything in the "lol" namespace. Better late than never.
(edit) @664   10 years sam Get rid of float3, float4, int3 etc. in favour of GLSL types.
(edit) @651   10 years sam Make the float4x4 constructor fill only the matrix's diagonal. Thus …
(edit) @648   10 years sam Add matrix determinant and inverse methods.
(add) @642   10 years sam Add an optional cppunit dependency for unit tests.
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