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(edit) @2241   10 years sam core: pass the project directory to the binary build and get rid of …
(edit) @2237   10 years sam system: try to autodetect the data directory from the executable path; …
(edit) @2000   10 years sam neercs: add missing "loldebug.h" include.
(edit) @1999   10 years sam neercs: don't show the FPS information unless the setup is open.
(edit) @1990   10 years sam win32: fix working directory code in monsterz and neercs.
(edit) @1977   10 years sam neercs: support arrow keys, pgup etc. and don't send keystrokes to the …
(edit) @1866   10 years sam neercs: minor tweak for rez_ so that cacademo renders properly.
(edit) @1858   10 years rez scrollable option list in setup
(edit) @1856   10 years sam neercs: create new Term and Pty classes that will contain the real stuff.
(edit) @1837   10 years rez copper.lolfx added
(edit) @1836   10 years rez COPPERBARS FUCK YEAH
(edit) @1829   10 years rez added COPPER \:D/ (still buggy btw)
(edit) @1701   10 years rez added items to setup menu (unfinished)
(edit) @1685   11 years rez added smoothstep in postfx (more contrast!) and a magnificient LOLCUBE!
(edit) @1683   11 years rez moved blur after glow, tweaked a lot of parameters
(edit) @1663   11 years rez fixed noise / added tons of control vars to postfx
(edit) @1661   11 years rez new font / blur+chromatic aberration boosted on screen corners / …
(edit) @1660   11 years sam neercs: add a way to activate the old neercs code for testing purposes.
(edit) @1658   11 years rez minor fix on the logo
(edit) @1655   11 years rez remanency buffer now use ONLY ONE buffer / renamed font map, added a …
(edit) @1647   11 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1645   11 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1644   11 years rez remanency expanded to 6 buffers, 3 ared used and blended (2,4 and 6)
(edit) @1642   11 years sam neercs: import files from the (unfinished) old neercs code.
(edit) @1638   11 years rez remanency lolfx added
(edit) @1636   11 years rez glsl letterbox and round corner & some new fancy animation!
(edit) @1634   11 years rez glsl letterbox and round corner & some new fancy animation!
(edit) @1629   11 years rez testing things…
(edit) @1628   11 years rez text resize fix
(edit) @1625   11 years rez updated border autoresize + canvas resize
(edit) @1622   11 years rez updated logo (again) + better text canvas size (unfinished)
(edit) @1620   11 years rez updated logo + optimized postfx
(edit) @1618   11 years rez letterbox test
(edit) @1606   11 years rez enhanced test screen
(edit) @1602   11 years rez enhanced test screen
(edit) @1585   11 years rez added function key and renamed some variables
(edit) @1584   11 years sam neercs: use RGB colours instead of ANSI attributes for some canvas stuff.
(copy) @1524   11 years sam build: move all games to a "games" subdirectory to clean up the root …
copied from trunk/neercs/neercs.cpp:
(edit) @1513   11 years sam core: replace usage of sin() or std::sin() with lol::sin() where …
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