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(edit) @1963   7 years sam gpu: add support for triangle strips and fans, and change the …
(edit) @1930   7 years sam lolfx: improve the LolFx compiler, including error reporting. We can …
(edit) @1928   7 years sam lolfx: use square brackets to indicate shader sections.
(edit) @1924   7 years sam build: refactor lolfx build rule into
(edit) @1923   7 years sam build: add a include file and a "make lolcheck" target that …
(edit) @1921   7 years sam tutorial: flatten the fractal computation loop, and avoid the use of …
(edit) @1910   7 years sam easymesh: use "ato" for torus, because "at" is already for triangle.
(edit) @1893   7 years sam math: refactor real number constant declarations so that they are only …
(edit) @1875   7 years sam easymesh: first shot at a simple, flat shaded torus.
(edit) @1863   7 years sam tutorial: sync HLSL version of the water/fire effect with the GLSL one.
(edit) @1855   7 years sam tutorial: tweak noise shader once more, and add a few code comments.
(edit) @1854   7 years sam tutorial: replace white noise with ordered dithering.
(edit) @1853   7 years sam tutorial: add some cosmetic white noise.
(edit) @1852   7 years sam tutorial: add funny shit to the noise shader example.
(edit) @1850   7 years sam build: add missing VCS ignore properties.
(edit) @1842   7 years sam tutorial: make the noise shader computationally more efficient.
(edit) @1840   7 years sam tutorial: use a better value noise function that does not suffer from …
(edit) @1830   7 years sam tutorial: optimise Perlin noise shader and reduce its complexity.
(edit) @1827   7 years sam tutorial: port noise demo to PS3 and Xbox360.
(edit) @1825   7 years sam tutorial: the noise demo is now really, really, ridiculously good looking.
(edit) @1824   7 years sam tutorial: start working on a small Perlin-like noise demo.
(edit) @1817   7 years sam tutorial: minor shadebob demo tweaks.
(edit) @1813   7 years sam tutorial: fix the FBO demo on the Xbox360.
(edit) @1784   7 years elliotek EsayMesh : RadialJitter func & demo added
(edit) @1774   7 years sam gpu: finalise the framebuffer object Direct3D implementation.
(edit) @1773   7 years sam gpu: create the ShaderTexture class, replace Shader::SetTexture with a …
(edit) @1771   7 years sam gpu: get rid of the glClearColor, glClearDepth and glClear calls in …
(edit) @1760   7 years sam build: fix a few compilation and build errors.
(edit) @1737   7 years sam tutorial: minor tweaks.
(edit) @1735   7 years sam tutorial: nicer blur and colour effect in the FBO tutorial.
(edit) @1734   7 years sam tutorial: fix the FBO shader so that it works with OpenGL ES.
(edit) @1730   7 years sam tutorial: make the FBO example display something at last, so we can …
(edit) @1705   7 years sam tutorial: test some advanced shapes for easymesh.
(edit) @1693   7 years sam easymesh: fix the specular highlight in the OpenGL shader.
(edit) @1692   7 years sam core: fix the X360 build by re-adding macro barriers I removed.
(edit) @1690   7 years sam gpu: try to patch some simple GLSL shaders on the fly so that they …
(edit) @1677   7 years sam build: fix the Raspberry Pi build and add a build script for it.
(edit) @1669   8 years sam tutorial: use real numbers in the fractal navigation (doubles are …
(edit) @1659   8 years sam build: add missing svn:ignore properties to keep rez happy.
(edit) @1647   8 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1645   8 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1619   8 years sam easymesh: add the capsule mesh.
(edit) @1598   8 years sam tutorial: add a simple EasyMesh viewer.
(edit) @1574   8 years sam tutorial: start working on an FBO example.
(edit) @1557   8 years sam data: fix ascii.png search path.
(edit) @1540   8 years sam build: factor the LolFx compilation rule into
(edit) @1535   8 years sam build: allow to build the PS3 binaries from Visual Studio if the …
(edit) @1534   8 years sam tutorial: remove dead code in 11_fractal.
(edit) @1524   8 years sam build: move all games to a "games" subdirectory to clean up the root …
(edit) @1520   8 years sam build: fix the VS2010 build and add build/ and binaries/ to the dist …
(edit) @1519   8 years sam build: add lots of missing svn:ignore properties.
(add) @1518   8 years sam build: reorganise all the build stuff so that it lies in build/ and …
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