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(edit) @659   9 years sam Try to factor all the recent GLSL stuff in the new Shader class.
(edit) @658   9 years sam Get rid of the SHADER_CRAP macro and use LOL_EXPERIMENTAL instead, …
(edit) @648   9 years sam Add matrix determinant and inverse methods.
(edit) @614   9 years sam Copy all necessary DLLs to the target dir after a successful build.
(edit) @352   9 years sam Merge the Fusion class back into Board.
(edit) @340   9 years sam Add a Thumbs class to display the sidebar thumbnail icons.
(edit) @339   9 years sam Start working on a new gameplay, codenamed "Fusion".
(edit) @331   9 years sam Add an Interface class that displays the general interface.
(edit) @327   9 years sam Add all the bells and whistles needed for GTK+ compilation on Win32.
(edit) @321   9 years sam Prepare the code architecture for the title screen animations.
(edit) @315   9 years sam Get rid of game.cpp and game.h.
(edit) @312   9 years sam Create the WorldEntity class, for objects with world coordinates.
(edit) @293   9 years sam Add pseudorandom functions for floats.
(edit) @288   9 years sam Skeleton for the particle emitter class.
(edit) @282   9 years sam Add a Text object for OSD and possibly other effects.
(edit) @281   9 years sam Store .vcxproj.filters files in SVN.
(edit) @279   9 years sam Play a few additional sounds (whip and pop).
(edit) @257   9 years sam Skeleton class for the Monster Mash.
(edit) @256   9 years sam SDL_mixer support on Win32.
(edit) @253   9 years sam Add preliminary support for sound samples. Implement click.
(edit) @251   9 years sam Skeleton for sample entity and sampler manager classes.
(edit) @249   9 years sam Tweak vcxproj files for concurrent builds.
(edit) @247   9 years sam Fix VS2010 projects so that they don't hardcode paths.
(edit) @227   9 years sam Spawn several pieces in Monsterz now that we can.
(edit) @224   9 years sam Update the VS 2010 solution and projects to build both games.
(add) @219   9 years sam Win32 solution.
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