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(edit) @1849   8 years sam gpu: now shaders can only be created from a LolFx file.
(edit) @1848   8 years sam gpu: convert the gradient shader to a LolFx effect file.
(edit) @1847   8 years sam debug: get rid of quad.cpp, it's become useless.
(edit) @1846   8 years sam gpu: get rid of the inline 2D shader and create "tile.lolfx".
(edit) @1845   8 years touky CIS:CSI
(edit) @1844   8 years touky
(edit) @1843   8 years sam neercs: fix an illegal construct in the copper shader.
(edit) @1842   8 years sam tutorial: make the noise shader computationally more efficient.
(edit) @1841   8 years sam build: ignore .so files and add missing source files to makefile.
(edit) @1840   8 years sam tutorial: use a better value noise function that does not suffer from …
(edit) @1837   8 years rez copper.lolfx added
(edit) @1836   8 years rez COPPERBARS FUCK YEAH
(edit) @1835   8 years sam easymesh: fix an data corruption with scaling along a single axis.
(edit) @1834   8 years touky small tweak on BtPhysTest. does not work better.
(edit) @1833   8 years touky
(edit) @1830   8 years sam tutorial: optimise Perlin noise shader and reduce its complexity.
(edit) @1829   8 years rez added COPPER \:D/ (still buggy btw)
(edit) @1828   8 years rez fixed a minor detail
(edit) @1827   8 years sam tutorial: port noise demo to PS3 and Xbox360.
(edit) @1826   8 years sam gpu: increase default minimum shader model.
(edit) @1825   8 years sam tutorial: the noise demo is now really, really, ridiculously good looking.
(edit) @1824   8 years sam tutorial: start working on a small Perlin-like noise demo.
(edit) @1823   8 years sam gpu: use a valid default framebuffer color format on the PS3.
(edit) @1822   8 years sam debug: add minor debug messages to the ticker, ensure LOL_DEBUG and …
(edit) @1820   8 years rez moved some code from postfx to a new shader -> color.lolfx
(edit) @1819   8 years touky BulletCharacterController is now readable by a human being. BtPhysTest …
(edit) @1818   8 years sam core: revert unfinished commit that wasn't really interesting.
(edit) @1817   8 years sam tutorial: minor shadebob demo tweaks.
(edit) @1816   8 years sam ofsdiofisdoifods
(edit) @1815   8 years sam input: fix minor PS3 compilation error.
(edit) @1814   8 years rez fixed rand() function
(edit) @1813   8 years sam tutorial: fix the FBO demo on the Xbox360.
(edit) @1811   8 years rez fixed all noise/displacement effects
(edit) @1810   8 years rez fixed all noise/displacement effects
(edit) @1808   8 years sam build: fix shitloads of warnings.
(edit) @1807   8 years sam math: improve slerp implementation.
(edit) @1806   8 years rez moved noise/offset/retrace into a new shader
(edit) @1804   8 years Jnat Added test in slerp to avoid -1 quat members
(edit) @1803   8 years sam input: switch all key names to camel case, like our other enums.
(edit) @1802   8 years sam test: fix Touky's brainfart.
(edit) @1801   8 years rez changed keyboard event manager to use Input::WasReleased(K_LOL)
(edit) @1799   8 years Jnat Added Slerp method to Quat
(edit) @1798   8 years touky Added BulletCharacter Dummy code.
(edit) @1797   8 years touky Fixed
(edit) @1796   8 years sam math: add dot() for quaternions, plus the relevant unit test.
(edit) @1795   8 years touky Fixed Entity::TickGame log flood. Added BulletCharacterController.cpp …
(edit) @1794   8 years touky Input now works correctly
(edit) @1793   8 years elliotek optim radialJitter
(edit) @1792   8 years touky mieux la ?
(edit) @1791   8 years touky Windows.
(edit) @1790   8 years touky CIS FUCK
(edit) @1789   8 years touky Added correct implementation of Action layer for Inputs. Useage : - …
(edit) @1788   8 years sam gpu: document and tweak some class declarations.
(edit) @1786   8 years rez enhanced double ghost picture + add vignetting control in setup
(edit) @1785   8 years touky Added InputTracker test initPhysTest
(edit) @1784   8 years elliotek EsayMesh : RadialJitter func & demo added
(edit) @1783   8 years rez fixed menu variable bar
(edit) @1782   8 years touky Small physic refactor.
(edit) @1781   8 years sam gpu: explicitly create render targets on the Xbox 360.
(edit) @1779   8 years touky Fixed stupid base_movement which was cached for ever.
(edit) @1778   8 years sam build: add a demo for Peeweek.
(edit) @1775   8 years sam gpu: port FBO code to the Xbox360.
(edit) @1774   8 years sam gpu: finalise the framebuffer object Direct3D implementation.
(edit) @1773   8 years sam gpu: create the ShaderTexture class, replace Shader::SetTexture with a …
(edit) @1772   8 years sam gpu: remove support for the accumulation buffer, it's deprecated anyway.
(edit) @1771   8 years sam gpu: get rid of the glClearColor, glClearDepth and glClear calls in …
(edit) @1769   8 years sam easymesh: per-fragment lighting in the HLSL shader (PS3, Xbox 360).
(edit) @1768   8 years touky Added Attachment/base logic with working attachment with …
(edit) @1765   8 years sam easymesh: fragment-based lighting.
(edit) @1764   8 years touky Added Base/Attachment Logic, works with Kinematic & Ghost.
(edit) @1763   8 years rez calculate the number of items for the current setup menu (avoid …
(edit) @1761   8 years sam gpu: on the PS3, use the OES version of the framebuffer GL calls.
(edit) @1760   8 years sam build: fix a few compilation and build errors.
(edit) @1759   8 years rez added pageup/pagedown shortcut for setup
(edit) @1758   8 years touky BUILD fuck
(edit) @1757   8 years touky Warning removal.
(edit) @1756   8 years touky Seems like default values in constructor generates Warning on Chrome.
(edit) @1755   8 years touky copy/paste fail
(edit) @1754   8 years sam build: add missing files to Makefile.
(edit) @1753   8 years touky Build FIX .... again.
(edit) @1752   8 years touky Fixed build
(edit) @1751   8 years touky Added a skeleton for Input Tracking & base idea for Touch/untouch …
(edit) @1749   8 years touky Reverted last CL
(edit) @1748   8 years touky Small .h & .cpp refactor
(edit) @1747   8 years touky BtPhysTest : Splitted Physics files
(edit) @1745   8 years sam build: remove deprecated directories.
(edit) @1744   8 years sam build: reorganise person stuff inside a people/ directory.
(edit) @1743   8 years Jnat
(edit) @1742   8 years Jnat
(edit) @1741   8 years Jnat
(edit) @1740   8 years Jnat
(edit) @1739   8 years Jnat not working …
(edit) @1738   8 years sam easymesh: make hex colour command arguments case-insensitive.
(edit) @1737   8 years sam tutorial: minor tweaks.
(edit) @1736   8 years rez added TONS of new parameters into the setup menu
(edit) @1735   8 years sam tutorial: nicer blur and colour effect in the FBO tutorial.
(edit) @1734   8 years sam tutorial: fix the FBO shader so that it works with OpenGL ES.
(edit) @1733   8 years sam gpu: activate FBO support on Android.
(edit) @1732   8 years touky FAKE Jump
(edit) @1731   8 years sam gpu: support framebuffer objects on OpenGL ES (depth buffer isn't …
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