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(edit) @2123   10 years sam vslol: add licensing information to important files.
(edit) @2122   10 years sam vslol: only apply our syntax highlighting to keywords and identifiers …
(edit) @2121   10 years sam vslol: rename package to VsLol instead of VsLol.Sample and refactor …
(edit) @2120   10 years sam vslol: add many more C/C++ types to the default list.
(edit) @2119   10 years sam vslol: add a classifier for C, C++, C# and LolFx files. Only …
(edit) @2118   10 years sam vslol: add the skeleton for a real LolFx syntax highlighter.
(edit) @2117   10 years sam vslol: add COPYING file and a "more information" URL.
(edit) @2116   10 years touky Added tsw (ToggleScaleWinding) command in EasyMesh Parser to make …
(edit) @2115   10 years sam vslol: create an etc/ directory beside bison's and flex's to work …
(edit) @2114   10 years sam vimlol: work around a Win32 Vim issue that fails on empty lines.
(edit) @2113   10 years sam vslol: minor additional debug messages.
(edit) @2112   10 years sam build: minor vcxproj reorganisation.
(edit) @2111   10 years sam external: add m4.exe to the bison binary directory.
(edit) @2109   10 years sam core: we can now set Map elements using simply map[foo] = bar, no need …
(edit) @2108   10 years sam core: implement a simple linear search map; the API is here, we just …
(edit) @2107   10 years sam core: make hash operators const.
(edit) @2106   10 years sam build: rename Map to LevelMap so that we can use Map for the hashmap.
(edit) @2105   10 years sam core: implement hashing functions for half, float and double.
(edit) @2104   10 years sam core: allow hashing of String objects.
(edit) @2103   10 years sam core: another attempt at properly declaring vsnprintf().
(edit) @2102   10 years sam core: try to fix a general compilation issue caused by inconsistent …
(edit) @2101   10 years sam core: do not use va_copy since Visual Studio doesn’t know about it.
(edit) @2100   10 years sam core: implement String::Printf() and start working on the unit tests. …
(edit) @2098   10 years sam build: add missing bullet .h files to
(edit) @2097   10 years sam core: refactor the Hash class so that we can hash base types, too.
(edit) @2096   10 years sam core: more string concatenation and comparison methods, plus a lot of …
(edit) @2094   10 years sam neercs: deactivate OpenGL code when we build for OpenGL ES.
(edit) @2093   10 years sam build: try to build neercs on Android; far from ready yet.
(edit) @2092   10 years sam neercs: do not pass the texture coordinates from the application to …
(edit) @2091   10 years sam neercs: use gl_VertexID instead of sending a whole new vertex array.
(edit) @2090   10 years sam neercs: added a better check for forkpty(), and moved the GL_POINTS …
(edit) @2089   10 years sam core: compilation fix for older compilers.
(edit) @2088   10 years sam build: honour the TMPDIR, TEMP etc. environment variables.
(edit) @2087   10 years sam build: ignore core files, but not the core/ directory.
(edit) @2086   10 years sam core: new String class.
(edit) @2085   10 years sam build: fix PS3 and Linux compilation issues.
(edit) @2084   10 years sam build: fixes for out-of-tree builds, and get rid of some deprecated stuff.
(edit) @2083   10 years sam build: always use the same build directory in to avoid …
(edit) @2082   10 years sam gpu: remove some crap from vertexbuffer.cpp and allow for empty vertex …
(edit) @2081   10 years sam math: prefix all convenience macros with "LOL_", make sure we #undef …
(edit) @2077   10 years sam mesh: start working on mesh and submesh stuff.
(edit) @2075   10 years sam vimlol: get rid of long lines.
(edit) @2074   10 years sam vimlol: pretend lolfx files are C++ so that Vim highlights them until …
(edit) @2071   10 years sam vimlol: some code for a Vim plugin; see …
(edit) @2059   10 years rez neercs: updated "granpa tv" theme
(edit) @2058   10 years sam build: define our own std::abs() function for long long int on NaCl, …
(edit) @2057   10 years sam build: fix minor build issues with Clang.
(edit) @2056   10 years sam math: reimplement min(), max(), abs() and fmod() in the lol:: …
(edit) @2055   10 years rez neercs: fixed scanline, added a new theme
(edit) @2054   10 years sam math: implement abs() and fmod() for vector types and the half class.
(edit) @2051   10 years rez neercs: removed flags from setup, butchered scanline postfx
(edit) @2050   10 years Jnat nice holes
(edit) @2049   10 years rez neercs: added theme support + 2 new themes [F4/F5 to switch]
(edit) @2047   10 years rez neercs: fixed theme_var[] values
(edit) @2045   10 years rez neercs: theme support again (not really working yet)
(edit) @2043   10 years rez neercs: early integration of theme support
(edit) @2041   10 years rez neercs: moved some init variable, removed useless iborder init
(edit) @2039   10 years rez neercs: added a protection glass above the monitor
(edit) @2037   10 years sam build: prepend /usr/local/bin in $PATH when running Bitten on OS X.
(edit) @2036   10 years sam build: check for a decent version of sed (ie. not the shitty BSD one).
(edit) @2032   10 years Jnat moved endif (toukinade)
(edit) @2031   10 years sam camera: deactivate WASD code for camera movement.
(edit) @2030   10 years sam gpu: fix the computed element count in DrawIndexedElements on Direct3D.
(edit) @2021   10 years rez neercs: scanline auto-resize
(edit) @2020   10 years sam neercs: F3 toggles fancy shit drawing.
(edit) @2017   10 years rez neercs: added bending to mirror
(edit) @2015   10 years sam build: shorter machine descriptions in build logs.
(edit) @2013   10 years sam image: better error detection in the GDI+ image codec.
(edit) @2010   10 years rez neercs: better reflection gradient (to finetune again)
(edit) @2009   10 years sam input: add the Keyboard abstraction object type.
(edit) @2008   10 years rez neercs: MOAR radial blur, less iteration
(edit) @2007   10 years rez neercs: added radial blur! FUCK YEAH \:D/
(edit) @2005   10 years sam neercs: ESC no longer quits; but closing the shell does.
(edit) @2003   10 years rez neercs: lowered noise effect
(edit) @2002   10 years sam tutorial: add texture demo to the VS solution.
(edit) @2001   10 years sam tutorial: add a new texture generation example.
(edit) @2000   10 years sam neercs: add missing "loldebug.h" include.
(edit) @1999   10 years sam neercs: don't show the FPS information unless the setup is open.
(edit) @1995   10 years sam build: upgrade glew binaries to 1.9.0 and rename the contrib directory …
(edit) @1994   10 years sam gpu: D3DFMT_R8G8B8 doesn't seem to exist on the X360.
(edit) @1993   10 years rez neercs: added all mirror side & finetuned default theme
(edit) @1992   10 years sam gpu: allow to specify the pixel format when creating a texture; the …
(edit) @1991   10 years sam gpu: don't use D3DLOCK_DISCARD on the X360, it's not there.
(edit) @1990   10 years sam win32: fix working directory code in monsterz and neercs.
(edit) @1989   10 years sam gpu: fix some Direct3D programming errors; we cannot call …
(edit) @1988   10 years sam misc: compilation fixes for Windows, X360 and PS3 introduced by the …
(edit) @1987   10 years sam gpu: put the texture creation code in its own class; for now a lot of …
(edit) @1986   10 years rez neercs - adding mirror sides (left ok, right no yet)
(edit) @1985   10 years sam core: disable our rare uses of realloc() with a proper Array<> object.
(edit) @1984   10 years sam build: safety measure in to error out if a Lol Engine m4 …
(edit) @1983   10 years sam build: do not try to advertise a bitten config for Android, NaCl or …
(edit) @1982   10 years sam build: put the OpenGL detection code in a separate .m4 file and assume …
(edit) @1981   10 years sam ps3: refactor elf → self build logic and make make_fself mandatory …
(edit) @1980   10 years sam build: add a Makefile for jnat's test project.
(edit) @1978   10 years rez neercs: minors debug (and some bugs added)
(edit) @1977   10 years sam neercs: support arrow keys, pgup etc. and don't send keystrokes to the …
(edit) @1976   10 years sam neercs: fix shader for older GL versions.
(edit) @1975   10 years sam build: port to OS X.
(edit) @1974   10 years rez NEERCS: fixed setup position/size
(edit) @1973   10 years rez NEERCS: added missing remanence.lolfx
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