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(edit) @2810   7 years benlitz Completely reworked input system. Unified device interface, button, …
(edit) @2809   7 years sam base: Array::Remove(int) now accepts a negative index to remove …
(edit) @2808   7 years sam base: fix map.h build.
(edit) @2807   7 years sam base: simplify the Map code.
(edit) @2806   7 years lolbot fixed 7 files out of 2745: - removed 0 CR characters - removed 21 …
(edit) @2805   7 years benlitz shaders now cache attribute location once they have been retrieved for …
(edit) @2804   7 years sam build: reorganise VS solution to match the directory tree.
(edit) @2803   7 years sam build: fix .gitignore file.
(edit) @2802   7 years sam build: clean up autoconf file and svn:ignore properties.
(edit) @2801   7 years sam build: put tutorials and lol.js in a new "demos" directory.
(edit) @2795   7 years sam audio: report SDL mixer loading errors.
(edit) @2792   7 years sam gpu: add a 16-bit depth buffer to framebuffers on WebGL and GL ES.
(edit) @2788   7 years sam build: manually add lollua.vcxproj as a reference in all projects.
(edit) @2787   7 years sam build: fix the X360 port.
(edit) @2786   7 years sam build: fix PS3 and Android builds.
(edit) @2785   7 years sam ps4: prepare for the fioutaah!
(edit) @2784   7 years touky Removed Labyrinth from the .sln, I wasn't ready to commit anyway.
(edit) @2783   7 years sam build: test suite is now verbose by default in lol-build.
(edit) @2782   7 years sam lolfx: preprocessor support in the LolFx parser. But this shit is …
(edit) @2781   7 years sam build: update .gitignore files.
(edit) @2780   7 years sam base: Array::Pop() returns the popped element.
(edit) @2779   7 years sam base: disable exceptions in Bison-generated parsers.
(edit) @2778   7 years sam build: fix the autobuilder support for emscripten.
(edit) @2777   7 years sam gpu: fix the Direct3D version of most rendering functions.
(edit) @2776   7 years benlitz base: map methods can now take any type of object that is equatable to …
(edit) @2775   7 years sam gpu: don't use PolygonMode on GL ES.
(edit) @2774   7 years sam build: activate the emscripten builds on the build bot.
(edit) @2773   7 years sam gpu: implement polygon rendering mode in GL and D3D.
(edit) @2772   7 years sam scene: use a global g_scene object instead of Scene::GetDefault().
(edit) @2770   7 years sam gpu: get rid of the global D3D device pointer and move D3D …
(edit) @2769   7 years sam gpu: move Video::Clear to Renderer::Clear.
(edit) @2768   7 years sam gpu: framebuffers now use the g_render object to restore viewport data.
(edit) @2767   7 years sam math: implement == and != for 2D and 3D box types.
(edit) @2766   7 years sam gpu: glGenerateMipmap is not available on the PS3, use glGenerateMipmapOES.
(edit) @2765   7 years sam gpu: disable alpha test on GL ES platforms.
(edit) @2764   7 years sam gpu: add full support for alpha test in GL and D3D.
(edit) @2763   7 years sam base: leverage the libc for string comparisons.
(edit) @2762   7 years sam gpu: implement all depth test functions in the renderer.
(edit) @2761   7 years sam gpu: implement face culling mode in render contexts.
(edit) @2760   7 years sam gpu: implement blend function and alpha test in the renderer.
(edit) @2759   7 years benlitz Added comparison operators between strings and char const*
(edit) @2758   7 years benlitz Added mipmap generation function for textures (i lied, it was easy …
(edit) @2757   7 years sam gpu: prevent accidental creation of a Renderer object.
(edit) @2756   7 years sam test: quick fix for the btphystest camera.
(edit) @2755   7 years sam easymesh: print full mesh source when compilation fails.
(edit) @2754   7 years sam gpu: move more platform-specific code from Video to Render.
(edit) @2753   7 years sam gpu: move SetClearColor and SetClearDepth to the Renderer and …
(edit) @2752   7 years sam gpu: use the RenderContext class in a few friendly places.
(edit) @2751   7 years sam gpu: handle depth test, alpha blending and face culling in Renderer.
(edit) @2750   7 years sam gpu: create a Renderer and a RenderContext class to handle render …
(edit) @2749   7 years touky Added shifted_perspective for easier camera handling. MeshViewer : …
(edit) @2748   7 years sam gpu: fix framebuffer handling in OpenGL ES and add some sanity checks.
(edit) @2747   7 years sam tutorial: fix uninitialised memory in the FBO demo.
(edit) @2746   7 years sam base: fix a compilation warning in string.h.
(edit) @2745   7 years sam base: assertion errors now mention source location.
(edit) @2744   7 years sam lua: print the actual panic message before dumping a callstack.
(edit) @2743   7 years lolbot fixed 4 files out of 2730: - removed 24 CR characters - removed 1 …
(edit) @2742   7 years benlitz SetMagFiltering and SetMinFiltering for class Texture.
(edit) @2741   7 years benlitz Fixed D3D9 compilation (note: D3D9 version still not working)
(edit) @2740   7 years sam build: lol-build now passes flags to configure, and configure now uses …
(edit) @2739   7 years sam build: fix CRLF issues in user directories even if they're …
(edit) @2738   7 years lolbot fixed 1 files out of 2730: - removed 98 CR characters - removed 29 …
(edit) @2737   7 years benlitz added BytesPerPixel() method to PixelFormat structure
(edit) @2734   7 years sam test: speed up the Map unit test.
(edit) @2733   7 years sam base: really fix the PS3 build this time.
(edit) @2732   7 years sam base: fix PS3 build and use C library functions in string.h when possible.
(edit) @2731   7 years lolbot fixed 15 files out of 2730: - removed 49 CR characters - removed 2 …
(edit) @2730   7 years benlitz material and texture loading from .OBJ + uniform sampler assignment …
(edit) @2728   7 years benlitz Added IndexOf and LastIndexOf methods in class String
(edit) @2726   7 years benlitz Fixed GetStream function when the VertexDeclaration maps over multiple …
(edit) @2724   7 years benlitz vertex buffer: added some accessors to inspect a …
(edit) @2722   7 years sam build: add lol.js to Lol.sln.
(edit) @2721   7 years sam lol.js: skeleton for a new demo.
(edit) @2720   7 years sam test: remove dead code in an old test.
(edit) @2718   7 years touky MeshViewer : Fov compensation now works correctly (all is bound on …
(edit) @2717   7 years jylam * Lander
(edit) @2714   7 years sam lua: implement dofile().
(edit) @2712   7 years sam build: disable LaTeX documentation, generating it uses too much memory.
(edit) @2708   7 years sam build: fix the lollua vcxproj.
(edit) @2706   7 years sam lua: don't build lua.c and luac.c into liblollua.
(edit) @2705   7 years sam build: add directory structure for some new projects.
(edit) @2704   7 years sam build: work around a bug in the NaCl SDK C++ headers.
(edit) @2703   7 years sam build: better NaCl version detection.
(edit) @2702   7 years sam build: build support for NaCl pepper 26 and later.
(edit) @2701   7 years touky Configure/Makefile modification for correct touky_demo build.
(edit) @2700   7 years touky touky_demo moved in specific folder
(edit) @2699   7 years touky ToukyDemo name-change
(edit) @2694   7 years sam doc: add some comments in vector.cpp functions.
(edit) @2675   7 years sam tutorial: make the fractal tutorial build when no threads are available.
(edit) @2665   7 years jylam * Whoops. ça va pardon.
(edit) @2664   7 years jylam * Physics
(edit) @2661   7 years sam build: workaround for AC_TRY_LINK not working with emscripten.
(edit) @2660   7 years sam tutorial: small sprite tutorial.
(edit) @2655   7 years sam build: fix the FlexLexer.h configure check.
(edit) @2654   7 years sam build: if uname says x86_64 but getconf LONG_BIT returns 32, we’re on i386.
(edit) @2653   7 years sam build: configure errors out if the C++ compiler cannot link executables.
(edit) @2652   7 years sam build: update .vcxproj files.
(edit) @2651   7 years sam base: don’t wait for next frame on Emscripten builds.
(edit) @2648   7 years sam build: activate ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH on emscripten builds and work …
(edit) @2647   7 years sam gpu: OS X and iOS compilation fix.
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