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Set up Vim to develop with Lol Engine

This pages gives tips and hints on how to get the most out of Vim when coding on the Lol Engine.

The Lol Engine source code ships a plugin for Vim that ensures proper syntax highlighting of most base types.

Lol Engine Vim plugin

It is recommended to symlink the vimlol.vim plugin into your personal Vim plugin directory so that it gets updated automatically.

On Unix (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.), from the Lol Engine source directory:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/plugin/
ln -s path_to_lol/tools/vimlol/vimlol.vim ~/.vim/plugin/

It is possible to create a symlink on Windows, too:

mkdir %USERPROFILE%\.vim
mkdir %USERPROFILE%\.vim\plugin
mklink /D %USERPROFILE%\.vim\plugin\vimlol.vim' 'c:\path\to\lol\tools\vimlol\vimlol.vim'