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The controller is the central hub to manage your input in lolengine.

There are two way to initialize it:

  • By hand:
    Controller* my_controller = new Controller("MyName");
    my_controller->SetInputCount(MAX_KEYS, MAX_AXIS);
    my_controller->GetKey(Key0).Bind("Keyboard", "Space");
    my_controller->GetAxis(Axis0).Bind("Mouse", "Y");
  • More easily, by InputProfile:
    InputProfile my_profile;
    my_profile << InputProfile::Keyboard(key0, key0_name)
               << InputProfile::MouseAxis(key1, key1_name)
               << InputProfile::JoystickKey(joy1_key0, joy1_nb, joy1_key0_name);
    Controller* my_controller = new Controller("MyName", my_profile);

Using the Input profiles allows you to use several profiles by using Init() and ClearProfile().

Please note that Key value must all be unique, even if the device (mouse/keyboard/....) is different. Same rule applies to axis.

Querying the controller

To query the input status, use the corresponding methods:

KeyBinding& key = my_controller->GetKey(Key0);
AxisBinding& axis = my_controller->GetAxis(Axis0);

And then use the status methods for your usage:

With keys:

  • IsDown(): Indicates wheither the key is currently pressed
  • IsUp(): Indicates wheither the key is currently released
  • JustPressed(): Indicates wheither the key has just been pressed
  • JustReleased(): Indicates wheither the key has just been released

Or axis:

  • GetValue(): Gets the current absolute value of this axis
  • GetDelta(): Gets the current delta value of this axis
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