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  1. List of constants


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This header provides some commonly used constants. They are similar to the M_PI, M_E etc. variables provided by the <math.h> header except they have the F_ prefix for “float”, D_ for “double” and LD_ for “long double”.

List of constants

Note that these constants also exist with increased precision. See the <lol/math/real.h> header.

F_PI D_PI LD_PI Archimede’s constant pi
F_PI_2 D_PI_2 LD_PI_2 pi divided by 2
F_PI_3 D_PI_3 LD_PI_3 pi divided by 3
F_PI_4 D_PI_4 LD_PI_4 pi divided by 4
F_1_PI D_1_PI LD_1_PI the reciprocal of pi
F_2_PI D_2_PI LD_2_PI 2 divided by pi
F_SQRT2 D_SQRT2 LD_SQRT2 Pythagoras’ constant, the square root of 2
F_SQRT3 D_SQRT3 LD_SQRT3 Theodorus’ constant, the square root of 3
F_SQRT1_2 D_SQRT1_2 LD_SQRT1_2 the square root of 1/2
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