Version 13 (modified by rez, 11 years ago) (diff)



  • a "clear canvas" function to avoid "ghost char" from everything not written by the terminal DONE! (sort of)
  • support for some missing keys like arrows (done), functions keys, NUMBERS!
  • a blinking cursor for the prompt
  • a function to disable/enable terminal keyboard event, so keys can only works for the setup DONE!
  • exit NEERCS if user exit terminal ("exit" command or ctrl-c) DONE!
  • a function to enable fullscreen/windowed mode
  • to be able to launch Term::DrawFancyShit() over the terminal (as test screen/screensaver)


  • add theme support
  • make a set of great themes
  • mirror screen on frame border DONE!
  • scanline size must follow font size