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VsLol is a Visual Studio 2010 plugin that tries to make your life easier.

VsLol is split into two parts:

  • generic, non-intrusive, lightweight features for everyday use, targeting all C, C++ or C# developers
  • features specific to Lol Engine development that only get activated when the project uses the Lol Engine

VsLol does not have any of these: ads, popups, licensing fees, 15 extra configuration windows, annoying “about” boxes, 80 extra menu entries. It sits in a corner and does the job.


List of features

LolFx provides new display items for the editor’s source code view:

  • Item “C/C++ Types and Qualifiers” that allows to choose a style for types (float, int…) and type qualifiers (static, const…) that differs from the style of other keywords (break, return…).
  • Item “C/C++ Constants” that allows to choose a style for language constants (NULL, nullptr, false…) that differs from the style of other keywords (break, return…).
  • Item “C/C++ Identifiers” that allows to revert the colour scheme applied to identifiers that Visual Studio believes are keywords (interface, generic…).


VsLol is available from the Visual Studio Gallery.

You may also search for “VsLol” and install it directly from within Visual Studio 2010.

The VsLol source code is available, of course, and can be modified and redistributed under the terms of the WTFPL.


Feedback is welcome! You can either post feedback for every user to see on the Visual Studio Gallery or, at your convenience, on the latest release blog post.

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