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(edit) @1995   10 years sam build: upgrade glew binaries to 1.9.0 and rename the contrib directory …
(edit) @1994   10 years sam gpu: D3DFMT_R8G8B8 doesn't seem to exist on the X360.
(edit) @1993   10 years rez neercs: added all mirror side & finetuned default theme
(edit) @1992   10 years sam gpu: allow to specify the pixel format when creating a texture; the …
(edit) @1991   10 years sam gpu: don't use D3DLOCK_DISCARD on the X360, it's not there.
(edit) @1990   10 years sam win32: fix working directory code in monsterz and neercs.
(edit) @1989   10 years sam gpu: fix some Direct3D programming errors; we cannot call …
(edit) @1988   10 years sam misc: compilation fixes for Windows, X360 and PS3 introduced by the …
(edit) @1987   10 years sam gpu: put the texture creation code in its own class; for now a lot of …
(edit) @1986   10 years rez neercs - adding mirror sides (left ok, right no yet)
(edit) @1985   10 years sam core: disable our rare uses of realloc() with a proper Array<> object.
(edit) @1984   10 years sam build: safety measure in to error out if a Lol Engine m4 …
(edit) @1983   10 years sam build: do not try to advertise a bitten config for Android, NaCl or …
(edit) @1982   10 years sam build: put the OpenGL detection code in a separate .m4 file and assume …
(edit) @1981   10 years sam ps3: refactor elf → self build logic and make make_fself mandatory …
(edit) @1980   10 years sam build: add a Makefile for jnat's test project.
(edit) @1978   10 years rez neercs: minors debug (and some bugs added)
(edit) @1977   10 years sam neercs: support arrow keys, pgup etc. and don't send keystrokes to the …
(edit) @1976   10 years sam neercs: fix shader for older GL versions.
(edit) @1975   10 years sam build: port to OS X.
(edit) @1974   10 years rez NEERCS: fixed setup position/size
(edit) @1973   10 years rez NEERCS: added missing remanence.lolfx
(edit) @1972   10 years sam build: add Android, NaCl and Raspberry Pi to the list of targets …
(edit) @1971   10 years rez NEERCS: renamed remanency shader into remanence and fixed setup …
(edit) @1970   10 years sam neercs: use remanency when the colour becomes darker, but use instant …
(edit) @1969   10 years sam neercs: minor tweaks for the setup window.
(edit) @1968   10 years sam build: improve the run-bitten script so that it runs on Linux.
(edit) @1967   10 years rez NEERCS: added a new shader (mirror.lolfx), slightly modified the theme
(edit) @1966   10 years sam neercs: use two different text rendering objects for the screen and …
(edit) @1965   10 years sam build: add a script to automatically run bitten on Windows. Needs some …
(edit) @1964   10 years sam android: use the FPS value provided by the application; we now run at …
(edit) @1963   10 years sam gpu: add support for triangle strips and fans, and change the …
(edit) @1962   10 years rez NEERCS: fixed setup value bar length / fixed copper setup
(edit) @1961   10 years sam ps3: support for texture coordinates on the PS3.
(edit) @1960   10 years rez NEERCS: copper is working again!
(edit) @1959   10 years sam ps3: honour the CELLSDK environment variable if CELL_SDK is not defined.
(edit) @1958   10 years sam core: fix a bad format string and disable an annoying warning in Array<>.
(edit) @1957   10 years rez NEERCS: tried to make copper working
(edit) @1955   10 years sam build: disable those fucking "Any CPU" and "Mixed Platforms" build …
(edit) @1952   10 years sam gpu: if 2D tiles have negative scaling, switch the triangle winding.
(edit) @1949   10 years sam misc: very minor tweaks here and there.
(edit) @1948   10 years sam core: add some noise to the gradient effect.
(edit) @1947   10 years sam math: add a uniform scaling matrix constructor.
(edit) @1946   10 years sam core: make Entity::GetName() a public method.
(edit) @1945   10 years sam core: fix sorting of 2D scenes.
(edit) @1944   10 years sam android: fix a synchronisation issue between Java and the game thread.
(edit) @1943   10 years sam android: print thread ID with all messages.
(edit) @1942   10 years sam core: do not deregister Tilers from Sprites, it’s asymmetrical.
(edit) @1941   10 years sam core: port gradient shader to GL ES platforms.
(edit) @1940   10 years sam android: if current thread is unknown to the JVM, try to register it.
(edit) @1939   10 years sam build: set default verbosity to 0 and tweak the LolFx build rule so …
(edit) @1938   10 years sam build: some build system fixes.
(edit) @1937   10 years sam lolfx: names such as "x" or "bgra" are field selectors, but we must …
(edit) @1936   10 years sam vslol: more robust error checking.
(edit) @1935   10 years sam contrib: add the required mingw DLLs for flex and bison.
(edit) @1934   10 years sam vslol: detect when the utilities cannot be launched.
(edit) @1933   10 years sam contrib: add Bison and Flex executables for Windows.
(edit) @1932   10 years sam vslol: create a Visual Studio plugin that will let us rebuild parsers …
(edit) @1931   10 years sam build: try to detect the number of CPU cores on Windows.
(edit) @1930   10 years sam lolfx: improve the LolFx compiler, including error reporting. We can …
(edit) @1929   10 years sam build: abort make process if a flex or bison run fails.
(edit) @1928   10 years sam lolfx: use square brackets to indicate shader sections.
(edit) @1927   10 years sam gpu: sip an empty LolFx class that embeds the compiler.
(edit) @1926   10 years sam gpu: do not use GLEW on OS X until we are sure that the version we …
(edit) @1925   10 years sam build: "make generated" now recursively rebuilds all flex/bison targets.
(edit) @1924   10 years sam build: refactor lolfx build rule into
(edit) @1923   10 years sam build: add a include file and a "make lolcheck" target that …
(edit) @1922   10 years rez NEERCS: added copper in setup (not working yet)
(edit) @1921   10 years sam tutorial: flatten the fractal computation loop, and avoid the use of …
(edit) @1920   10 years sam core: use "f128" as the long double prefix for vectors, even if it's …
(edit) @1919   10 years sam core: implement Array::Resize() to forcibly set the size of an array.
(edit) @1918   10 years rez NEERCS: multiple pageup/pagedown now works
(edit) @1917   10 years rez NEERCS: multiple pageup/pagedown now works
(edit) @1916   10 years rez NEERCS: fixed values for ghost picture
(edit) @1915   10 years rez NEERCS: fixed problems with color
(edit) @1913   10 years rez NEERCS: tweaked color filtering (still lame result)
(edit) @1912   10 years sam test: fix mesh settings in the physics demo.
(edit) @1910   10 years sam easymesh: use "ato" for torus, because "at" is already for triangle.
(edit) @1909   10 years sam build: check the source code with LANG=C to avoid locale-related parse …
(edit) @1908   10 years rez NEERCS: at last, all setup function keys are fixed!
(edit) @1906   10 years rez NEERCS: updated theme (more readable screen)
(edit) @1905   10 years lolbot fixed 14 files out of 2200: - removed 0 CR characters - removed 12 …
(edit) @1904   10 years sam build: remove dead directories.
(edit) @1903   10 years sam neercs: move menu drawing to the game tick instead of draw tick.
(edit) @1902   10 years lolbot contrib: rebuild libcaca with the latest fix for a caca_printf() crash.
(edit) @1901   10 years Jnat New subProject for jnat
(edit) @1900   10 years sam build: do not check for CRLF on Windows, since most files would have …
(edit) @1899   10 years sam neercs: minimalist keyboard support.
(edit) @1898   10 years rez NEERCS: added corner width in setup->screen
(edit) @1897   10 years sam input: some refactoring in the action bindings.
(edit) @1896   10 years sam neercs: add some helper function for future keyboard input.
(edit) @1895   10 years sam build: include in the "make test" targets.
(edit) @1894   10 years sam neercs: fix two potential crashes, one caused by mismatched …
(edit) @1893   10 years sam math: refactor real number constant declarations so that they are only …
(edit) @1891   10 years sam test: tell lolbot to fix jnat's code, too.
(edit) @1890   10 years sam neercs: fix Windows build.
(edit) @1888   10 years lolbot fixed 23 files out of 277: - fixed 1270 CR characters - fixed 56 …
(edit) @1887   10 years lolbot build: improve source checking script for lolbot.
(edit) @1886   10 years sam build: start working on a script to test source code problems.
(edit) @1885   10 years sam neercs: clamp canvas size to ensure we never get to zero.
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