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(edit) @233   12 years sam Make SdlInput regularly inject the mouse position into the Input singleton.
(edit) @232   12 years sam Float2 and Float3 are now templates, thus creating Int2 and Int3.
(edit) @231   12 years sam Properly delta-time blinks.
(edit) @230   12 years sam Monsters can now blink.
(edit) @229   12 years sam WIP logo and tweaked tiles by Luc.
(edit) @228   12 years sam Compilation fix.
(edit) @227   12 years sam Spawn several pieces in Monsterz now that we can.
(edit) @226   12 years sam New class for board pieces.
(edit) @225   12 years sam Fix a refcount bug in the entity dictionary.
(edit) @224   12 years sam Update the VS 2010 solution and projects to build both games.
(edit) @223   12 years sam Rename DebugBoard to Board. It's good enough now.
(edit) @222   12 years sam Add support for rotated views and stretched tiles.
(edit) @221   12 years sam Complete Lol Engine / Deus Hax / Monsterz split.
(edit) @220   12 years sam Split test-map into deus-hax and monsterz.
(edit) @219   12 years sam Win32 solution.
(edit) @218   12 years sam The Tile size can now be specified upon TileSet load. Add a sample …
(edit) @217   12 years sam New cute Monsterz tiles by Luc ADR.
(edit) @216   12 years sam Fix compilation issue caused by WinDef.h defining "near" and "far" macros.
(edit) @215   12 years sam Fix M_PI usage on Win32.
(edit) @214   13 years carmie
(edit) @213   13 years carmie
(edit) @212   13 years carmie
(edit) @211   13 years sam Put HUD objects back on front of the scene.
(edit) @210   13 years sam Allow for different priorities in game and draw tick levels.
(edit) @209   13 years sam Implement Video::SetFov() to allow conic projection.
(edit) @208   13 years sam Add a debugging sphere object to test transparency.
(edit) @207   13 years sam Proper depth buffer handling with minimal alpha support.
(edit) @206   13 years sam Activate depth buffer when the GL context is created.
(edit) @205   13 years sam Fix broken perspective.
(edit) @204   13 years sam Autogenerate indoor.png.
(edit) @203   13 years sam Add a stats logger entity.
(edit) @202   13 years carmie
(edit) @201   13 years carmie
(edit) @200   13 years carmie
(edit) @199   13 years carmie
(edit) @198   13 years carmie
(edit) @197   13 years carmie
(edit) @196   13 years carmie
(edit) @195   13 years carmie
(edit) @194   13 years carmie
(edit) @193   13 years carmie
(edit) @192   13 years carmie
(edit) @191   13 years sam Update layer names.
(edit) @190   13 years carmie
(edit) @189   13 years carmie
(edit) @188   13 years carmie
(edit) @187   13 years sam Toying around with the editor UI.
(edit) @186   13 years sam Support tilesets larger than 512x512 and switch the coordinates system …
(edit) @185   13 years carmie
(edit) @184   13 years sam Automatically generate outdoor.png.
(edit) @183   13 years sam Start creating the World class.
(edit) @182   13 years carmie
(edit) @181   13 years carmie
(edit) @180   13 years sam Fix a few minor FIXMEs in the code.
(edit) @179   13 years sam Fix an erroneus warning message in the Dict destructor.
(edit) @178   13 years sam Proper detection of libcaca and libpipi.
(edit) @177   13 years sam Minor simplification to the GTK exit handling.
(edit) @176   13 years sam Switch from esdf controls to wasd, but support qwerty and azerty keyboards.
(edit) @175   13 years carmie
(edit) @174   13 years sam Do not use SDL for Win32 timers. The OS has all we need.
(edit) @173   13 years sam Fix a Win32 timer regression bug.
(edit) @172   13 years sam Move _strncasecmp define from forge.cpp/tiler.cpp to dict.cpp.
(edit) @171   13 years sam Allow to build without libpipi.
(edit) @170   13 years sam Properly implement program termination, including in the GTK program.
(edit) @169   13 years sam Minor code simplifications.
(edit) @168   13 years sam Remove duplicate code in the GL map viewer.
(edit) @167   13 years sam Store the frame number in the Ticker instead of duplicating the …
(edit) @166   13 years sam Keyboard scrolling in the editor.
(edit) @165   13 years sam Play with toolbar buttons.
(edit) @164   13 years carmie
(edit) @163   13 years sam Add an about dialogue and fix an initialisation bug in the map viewer …
(edit) @162   13 years sam Refactor editor to get the glarea object out of the main source file.
(edit) @161   13 years sam Update .gitignore file.
(edit) @160   13 years sam Update todo list.
(edit) @159   13 years sam Allow the sprite viewer window to pan.
(edit) @158   13 years carmie
(edit) @157   13 years sam Implement scrolling in the GTK window using the scrollbars.
(edit) @156   13 years sam Fix the Font class so that it does lazy initialisation of the texture.
(edit) @155   13 years sam New MapViewer class and some GTK+ refactoring.
(edit) @154   13 years sam Refactor stuff.
(edit) @153   13 years sam Factor Forge and Tiler using the new Dict class.
(edit) @152   13 years sam Proper Float3 constructors.
(edit) @151   13 years sam Apply correct projection to the debug sprite movement.
(edit) @150   13 years sam Replace mouse scrolling with a joystick simulated by the e/s/d/f keys.
(edit) @149   13 years sam Get the timer to talk milliseconds instead of seconds.
(edit) @148   13 years sam Add a simple "build" script for people unfamiliar with bootstrap etc.
(edit) @147   13 years sam Rename "asset" to "entity". It's way cooler.
(edit) @146   13 years sam Improve the default test map.
(edit) @145   13 years sam Remove some debug stuff.
(edit) @144   13 years sam Implement video recording using libpipi.
(edit) @143   13 years sam Improve the demo map.
(edit) @142   13 years sam Disable depth test. We do our own management.
(edit) @141   13 years sam Fix Z-sorting yet again, and add real level support to map loading.
(edit) @140   13 years sam Implement Video::Capture and create a GROUP_RENDER_CAPTURE tick group.
(edit) @139   13 years sam Implement Video::GetWidth() and Video::GetHeight().
(edit) @138   13 years sam Start to handle differences between vertical and horizontal tiles.
(edit) @137   13 years sam Invert the mouse coordinate handling logic.
(edit) @136   13 years sam Fix map problems caused by wrongly sized images.
(edit) @135   13 years sam Better near/far values.
(edit) @134   13 years sam Minor fixes to the artwork images.
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