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(edit) @720   12 years sam android: add the whole Android project; will clean up later.
(edit) @719   12 years sam android: JNI hooks for single touch input.
(edit) @714   12 years sam android: move the PNG loading test into the Image class. It now works.
(edit) @712   12 years sam android: Add a method for PNG loading. Highly hackish for now.
(edit) @711   12 years sam build: look for libpng, even though we don't use it yet.
(edit) @710   12 years sam android: Use thiz instead of that in JNI code.
(edit) @709   12 years sam No longer use DebugQuad() in the AndroidApp, we now know it works.
(edit) @708   12 years sam Basic utility function to display matrices.
(edit) @707   12 years sam Work around a bug in the Android emulator that doesn't let us query …
(edit) @706   12 years sam Add AndroidAdd to the VCS. Far from being usable for now.
(edit) @705   12 years sam Various changes to the Scene class. Not sure what's useful.
(edit) @704   12 years sam Use glClientActiveTexture() wherever it appears to make sense.
(edit) @703   12 years sam Add transparency to DebugQuad and ensure it gets rendered over everything.
(edit) @702   12 years sam The DebugQuad object now rotates with time.
(edit) @701   12 years sam Add texturing support to DebugQuad. Works with OpenGL (fixed pipeline …
(edit) @700   12 years sam Replace #-style comments with dnl-style ones.
(edit) @699   12 years sam Add a DebugQuad class for simple feature testing.
(edit) @698   12 years sam Enable GL_TEXTURE_2D in the Scene class instead of Video.
(edit) @697   12 years sam Remove the Android hack, we can control it from the NDK build scripts.
(edit) @696   12 years sam Merge all debug entity includes in <loldebug.h>.
(edit) @695   12 years sam Use EglApp instead of SdlApp under GLES 2.
(edit) @694   12 years sam Fix a typo in the optimisation flags.
(edit) @693   12 years sam Reduce optimisation strength in debug mode.
(edit) @692   12 years sam Define a few user profilers.
(edit) @691   12 years sam Fix delete/free confusions in EglApp and SdlApp.
(edit) @690   12 years sam Create a fake Image if SDL_image is not available, so that we can test …
(edit) @689   12 years sam Use the new Image class instead of SDL_image in the TileSet class.
(edit) @688   12 years sam Add the Image class for better abstraction.
(edit) @687   12 years sam Remove the old and ugly Font macro diversion.
(edit) @686   12 years sam Put everything in the "lol" namespace. Better late than never.
(edit) @684   12 years sam If only GLES is available, create an EglApp instead of an SdlApp.
(edit) @683   12 years sam Try to fix GLES 2 rendering. No luck so far.
(edit) @682   12 years sam Add preliminary support for EGL applications.
(edit) @681   12 years sam Set the default background color to something recognisable.
(edit) @680   12 years sam Create the SdlApp class to avoid code duplication. Ensure USE_SDL is …
(edit) @675   12 years sam Fix the GLESv2 rendering.
(edit) @674   12 years sam The engine now builds for GL and GL ES 1.x and 2.x, and runs for each …
(edit) @673   12 years sam Put the OpenGL header handling in <lolgl.h> for more convenience.
(edit) @672   12 years sam Fix a memory leak in the vertex array buffer handling.
(edit) @671   12 years sam Fix numerous resource leaks in scene.cpp.
(edit) @670   12 years sam Cache shader source CRCs to avoid costly recompilations.
(edit) @669   12 years sam Implement CRC32 in the new Hash class. Will be useful for Dict and for …
(edit) @668   12 years sam Protect the Shader constructor and provide a static creation method …
(edit) @667   12 years sam Minor GL code reorganisation and simplification.
(edit) @666   12 years sam Experimental GL mode works!
(edit) @665   12 years sam OpenGL code refactoring.
(edit) @664   12 years sam Get rid of float3, float4, int3 etc. in favour of GLSL types.
(edit) @663   12 years sam Implement +=, -= and *= for matrices and vectors. Add new types, …
(edit) @662   12 years sam Merge more code from the experimental MVP refactor into the old GL code.
(edit) @661   12 years sam Implement float4x4::rotate().
(edit) @660   12 years sam Implement float4x4::ortho() and float4x4::translate().
(edit) @659   12 years sam Try to factor all the recent GLSL stuff in the new Shader class.
(edit) @658   12 years sam Get rid of the SHADER_CRAP macro and use LOL_EXPERIMENTAL instead, …
(edit) @657   12 years sam Clean up stuff in the shader crap.
(edit) @656   12 years sam More shader crap. Texture coordinates now work. Still disabled.
(edit) @655   12 years sam Fix a nasty bug in the float4x4::frustum() computation.
(edit) @654   12 years sam More shader crap. We can now display a coloured quad. Still disabled.
(edit) @653   12 years sam More shader crap for GLSL 1.30. Still disabled.
(edit) @652   12 years sam Implement float4x4::frustum() and float4x4::perspective() to build …
(edit) @651   12 years sam Make the float4x4 constructor fill only the matrix's diagonal. Thus …
(edit) @650   12 years sam Fix shader crap syntax, caused by space-like UTF-8 characters.
(edit) @649   12 years sam Shader tests. Disabled for now.
(edit) @648   12 years sam Add matrix determinant and inverse methods.
(edit) @647   12 years sam Switch debug sphere rendering method to vertex buffer objects.
(edit) @646   12 years sam Ensure the DebugFps object is rendered in front of everything else.
(edit) @645   12 years sam Switch scene rendering method to vertex buffer objects.
(edit) @644   12 years sam Disable -O2 when in debug mode, and disable -g when in release mode.
(edit) @643   12 years sam Do not zero vector memory upon initialisation. Unitialised is …
(edit) @642   12 years sam Add an optional cppunit dependency for unit tests.
(edit) @641   12 years sam Create a few matrix handling classes and operators.
(edit) @639   12 years sam Make font objects use the TileSet system and fix the text objects' Z …
(edit) @638   12 years sam Only link with -lGL if present on the system. Fixes the MinGW build.
(edit) @637   12 years sam Allow to query for a tileset's size and/or number of tiles.
(edit) @636   12 years sam Fix the SDL timer behaviour. Fixes ticket #26.
(edit) @635   12 years sam Now that liblol.a is no longer in target_LDADD due to libtool argument …
(edit) @634   12 years sam Retitle some main nav buttons.
(edit) @633   12 years sam TileSets can now be initialised either using the tile size, or the …
(edit) @632   12 years sam Properly detect SDL libraries when sdl-config and pkg-config are here …
(edit) @631   12 years sam Add missing icons.png, use CPPFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS in automake rules.
(edit) @630   12 years sam Fix a typo in
(edit) @629   12 years sam Clean up from useless variables.
(edit) @628   12 years sam Try to autodetect GtkGL development libs, and don't build the Deus Hax …
(edit) @627   12 years luc Darkened the background color
(edit) @626   12 years luc Updated the Cat color Updated the Squid colors Cleaned up a bit the …
(edit) @625   12 years sam Rename build scripts to build-linux and build-mingw.
(edit) @624   12 years sam Add a script for Win32 builds.
(edit) @623   12 years sam Stop using pkg-config in Makefiles and stop putting things in LDADD …
(edit) @622   12 years sam Do not use SDL's SDLmain wrapper on Win32. It's never proved useful so far.
(edit) @621   12 years sam Some versions of m4 do not honour M4PATH even if claiming to. Manually …
(edit) @620   12 years sam Get rid of benchmarking mode, it's useless: Ticker::Setup(0) does the same.
(edit) @619   12 years sam Add a recording mode to Ticker that ensures fixed deltatime even when …
(edit) @618   12 years sam Add a benchmark mode to the ticker.
(edit) @617   12 years sam Store the requested FPS in the Ticker class.
(edit) @616   12 years sam The client application no longer needs to call Video::Clea().
(edit) @615   12 years sam Allow to specify FPS in the DebugRecord object.
(edit) @614   12 years sam Copy all necessary DLLs to the target dir after a successful build.
(edit) @613   12 years sam Add Win32 contrib files for easier deployment: * gtk-2.22.1, …
(edit) @612   12 years sam Win32 compilation fix.
(edit) @611   12 years carmie
(edit) @610   12 years carmie
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