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(edit) @1524   11 years sam build: move all games to a "games" subdirectory to clean up the root …
(edit) @1520   11 years sam build: fix the VS2010 build and add build/ and binaries/ to the dist …
(edit) @1518   11 years sam build: reorganise all the build stuff so that it lies in build/ and …
(edit) @1510   11 years sam easymesh: move the Mesh builder into the engine core.
(edit) @1447   11 years sam neercs: create a skeleton for neercs.
(edit) @1235   11 years sam orbital: add a skeleton project for Orbital.
(edit) @1168   11 years sam mrpigeon: create source tree for MrPigeon.
(edit) @1129   11 years sam lolremez: release LolRemez 0.2.
(edit) @1124   11 years gary lolremez: distribute Visual Studio files with LolRemez.
(edit) @1120   11 years sam build: remove #if directives from remez.cpp when distributing LolRemez.
(edit) @1119   11 years sam math: make everything clean for a LolRemez release.
(edit) @1094   12 years sam build: add missing files to the distribution.
(edit) @945   12 years sam build: new lol-build script for easier autobuilds.
(edit) @938   12 years sam build: add LolUnit to the build rules.
(edit) @877   12 years sam test: improve the benchmark code to measure a lot more half precision …
(edit) @785   12 years sam deushax: move everything DeusHax-related to its own subdirectory.
(edit) @642   12 years sam Add an optional cppunit dependency for unit tests.
(edit) @630   12 years sam Fix a typo in
(edit) @625   12 years sam Rename build scripts to build-linux and build-mingw.
(edit) @624   12 years sam Add a script for Win32 builds.
(edit) @220   12 years sam Split test-map into deus-hax and monsterz.
(edit) @148   13 years sam Add a simple "build" script for people unfamiliar with bootstrap etc.
(edit) @115   13 years sam Fix the extra data in the autotools-created tarballs.
(add) @92   13 years sam Convert everything to the autotools. Managing source dependencies will …
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