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(edit) @2788   8 years sam build: manually add lollua.vcxproj as a reference in all projects.
(edit) @2786   8 years sam build: fix PS3 and Android builds.
(edit) @2785   8 years sam ps4: prepare for the fioutaah!
(edit) @2779   8 years sam base: disable exceptions in Bison-generated parsers.
(edit) @2772   8 years sam scene: use a global g_scene object instead of Scene::GetDefault().
(edit) @2754   8 years sam gpu: move more platform-specific code from Video to Render.
(edit) @2753   8 years sam gpu: move SetClearColor and SetClearDepth to the Renderer and …
(edit) @2731   8 years lolbot fixed 15 files out of 2730: - removed 49 CR characters - removed 2 …
(edit) @2714   9 years sam lua: implement dofile().
(edit) @2652   9 years sam build: update .vcxproj files.
(edit) @2648   9 years sam build: activate ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH on emscripten builds and work …
(edit) @2646   9 years sam build: more Emscripten improvements; keyboard input works properly now.
(edit) @2645   9 years sam input: make keyboard state platform-independent.
(edit) @2628   9 years sam base: break the main loop apart for the emscripten port.
(edit) @2617   9 years sam input: support up to 32 mouse buttons.
(edit) @2616   9 years sam math: new constructor for Box2 and Box3 objects.
(edit) @2613   9 years sam mrpigeon: try the new tile definition system… which doesn’t work.
(edit) @2609   9 years sam tileset: refactor the tile generation code.
(edit) @2607   9 years sam math: rename Box2D to "box2" and add an integer version, "ibox2".
(edit) @2601   9 years lolbot fixed 7 files out of 2672: - removed 0 CR characters - removed 75 …
(edit) @2588   9 years sam base: some refactoring in the tileset class.
(edit) @2587   9 years sam base: roll our own constants because it’s always a pain in the ass to …
(edit) @2579   9 years sam android: switch to NativeActivity instead of rolling our own Java …
(edit) @2576   9 years sam build: big Android build system refactor; we now attempt to build an …
(edit) @2575   9 years sam build: reorganise automake build system.
(edit) @2569   9 years sam ps3: create an audio device at startup.
(edit) @2568   9 years sam ps3: implement Lua file loading.
(edit) @2565   9 years sam lua: add support for lua/init.lua in a global World object and give it …
(edit) @2547   9 years sam misc: fix a few URLs.
(edit) @2540   9 years sam core: import pristine lua 5.2.1 in the engine code.
(edit) @2520   9 years sam math: replace RandF() with a more generic rand() template function …
(edit) @2498   9 years sam mrpigeon: can now play using spacebar.
(edit) @2476   9 years sam scene: start refactoring the camera code; we now have a stack of …
(edit) @2443   9 years lolbot fixed 5 files out of 2487: - removed 0 CR characters - removed 22 …
(edit) @2397   9 years sam build: re-add liblolcore dependency tracking to all binary objects.
(edit) @2389   9 years sam build: fix syntax errors in the Visual Studio projects.
(edit) @2388   9 years sam build: reorganise AM_CPPFLAGS handling so that we can disable the …
(edit) @2386   9 years sam build: split the main library into lolcore and lolbullet.
(edit) @2318   9 years sam build: fix all vector/scalar type mismatches such as "vec2 * double" …
(edit) @2317   9 years sam math: remove coercion rules in the vector classes, they increase the …
(edit) @2241   9 years sam core: pass the project directory to the binary build and get rid of …
(edit) @2237   9 years sam system: try to autodetect the data directory from the executable path; …
(edit) @2216   9 years touky New year copyright update.
(edit) @2186   9 years sam build: add svn:ignore tags and remove empty directories.
(edit) @2183   9 years sam build: fix the WTFPL site URL in all code comments.
(edit) @2165   9 years sam build: renormalise a lot of files.
(edit) @2161   9 years jylam * vcxproj weirdness
(edit) @2106   9 years sam build: rename Map to LevelMap so that we can use Map for the hashmap.
(edit) @2084   9 years sam build: fixes for out-of-tree builds, and get rid of some deprecated stuff.
(edit) @2056   9 years sam math: reimplement min(), max(), abs() and fmod() in the lol:: …
(edit) @1995   9 years sam build: upgrade glew binaries to 1.9.0 and rename the contrib directory …
(edit) @1990   9 years sam win32: fix working directory code in monsterz and neercs.
(edit) @1981   9 years sam ps3: refactor elf → self build logic and make make_fself mandatory …
(edit) @1964   9 years sam android: use the FPS value provided by the application; we now run at …
(edit) @1938   9 years sam build: some build system fixes.
(edit) @1925   9 years sam build: "make generated" now recursively rebuilds all flex/bison targets.
(edit) @1924   9 years sam build: refactor lolfx build rule into
(edit) @1923   9 years sam build: add a include file and a "make lolcheck" target that …
(edit) @1888   9 years lolbot fixed 23 files out of 277: - fixed 1270 CR characters - fixed 56 …
(edit) @1846   9 years sam gpu: get rid of the inline 2D shader and create "tile.lolfx".
(edit) @1745   9 years sam build: remove deprecated directories.
(edit) @1744   9 years sam build: reorganise person stuff inside a people/ directory.
(edit) @1743   9 years Jnat
(edit) @1742   9 years Jnat
(edit) @1741   9 years Jnat
(edit) @1740   9 years Jnat
(edit) @1739   9 years Jnat not working …
(edit) @1729   9 years Jnat
(edit) @1723   9 years Jnat omg
(edit) @1717   9 years Jnat added "player" controlled by sticks…
(edit) @1716   9 years Jnat
(edit) @1715   9 years Jnat
(edit) @1713   9 years sam build: add skeleton for JNat's demo.
(edit) @1710   9 years sam input: allow to easily track more than one input stick.
(edit) @1697   9 years sam android: explicitly load stlport_shared when initialising the native …
(edit) @1659   9 years sam build: add missing svn:ignore properties to keep rez happy.
(edit) @1647   9 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1645   9 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1571   9 years sam test: activate the Bullet Physics test on all Unix platforms.
(edit) @1568   9 years touky BtPhysTest works !
(edit) @1561   9 years sam data: fix a lot of paths to assets.
(edit) @1555   9 years sam toukydemo: use std::sprintf to fix the PS3 build.
(edit) @1554   9 years touky Added Location modifier in URO. Added BtPhystest for Bullet Physics …
(edit) @1552   9 years touky CIS FIX test
(edit) @1551   9 years touky Walking formula back on Sin/Cos
(edit) @1550   9 years touky CIS FAIL ..... comme à mon vrai boulot.
(edit) @1548   9 years touky Added worldentity registration support. Character now walks around.
(edit) @1547   9 years touky Added basic character logic.
(edit) @1540   9 years sam build: factor the LolFx compilation rule into
(edit) @1538   9 years sam build: force VS2010 to use the SNC compiler for the PS3.
(edit) @1535   9 years sam build: allow to build the PS3 binaries from Visual Studio if the …
(edit) @1529   9 years sam build: create and activate Makefile for ToukyDemo.
(edit) @1526   9 years touky added ToukyDemo to the repo.
(add) @1524   9 years sam build: move all games to a "games" subdirectory to clean up the root …
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