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(edit) @1046   10 years sam core: split vector operations into linear and non-linear so that we …
(edit) @1035   10 years sam core: disallow casting eg. a vec3 into a vec2. Use the xy() getter instead.
(edit) @866   10 years sam core: more vec?i -> ?veci renames.
(edit) @863   10 years sam core: rename vec2i to ivec2 etc. to better match GLSL.
(edit) @816   10 years sam monsterz: minor code enhancement.
(edit) @792   10 years sam tiler: ensure AddTile() and BlitTile() accept vec3i arguments.
(edit) @790   10 years sam tileset: replace the Tiler ID system with real TileSet objects. The …
(edit) @786   10 years sam monsterz: minor gameplay tuning.
(edit) @759   11 years sam monsterz: get rid of the Fusion mode, it sucked.
(edit) @752   11 years sam monsterz: do not display the interface in the title screen.
(edit) @750   11 years sam monsterz: do not display mouse pointer or grab handle on touch devices.
(edit) @743   11 years sam monsterz: disable the fusion mode for now.
(edit) @735   11 years sam core: get rid of now useless <cstdio> includes.
(edit) @686   11 years sam Put everything in the "lol" namespace. Better late than never.
(edit) @664   11 years sam Get rid of float3, float4, int3 etc. in favour of GLSL types.
(edit) @639   11 years sam Make font objects use the TileSet system and fix the text objects' Z …
(edit) @633   11 years sam TileSets can now be initialised either using the tile size, or the …
(edit) @353   11 years sam Launch either a hunt mode or a fusion mode, chosen at random.
(edit) @352   11 years sam Merge the Fusion class back into Board.
(edit) @350   11 years sam Display next piece as a thumbnail.
(edit) @348   11 years sam Display spawn counts in Fusion mode, and generate random pieces …
(edit) @345   11 years sam Change the length of the thumbs list according to the game progress.
(edit) @339   11 years sam Start working on a new gameplay, codenamed "Fusion".
(edit) @332   11 years sam Implement the title screen. Click on it to start a game.
(add) @331   11 years sam Add an Interface class that displays the general interface.
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