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(edit) @1063   12 years sam core: implement Application::ShowPointer() so that applications can …
(edit) @1046   12 years sam core: split vector operations into linear and non-linear so that we …
(edit) @1040   12 years sam core: write a generic application class.
(edit) @1035   12 years sam core: disallow casting eg. a vec3 into a vec2. Use the xy() getter instead.
(edit) @1032   12 years sam monsterz: fix title screen layout.
(edit) @1030   12 years sam monsterz: add a sprite with rocks in front of the title screen.
(edit) @962   12 years sam build: bring the iOS port up to date by synchronising new source file …
(edit) @961   12 years sam build: fix a shitload of build errors introduced by the Image …
(edit) @959   12 years sam build: add svn:ignore properties where needed.
(edit) @958   12 years sam osx: automake does not support .mm files yet, so rename …
(edit) @943   12 years sam ios: fix iOS build by adding missing files to XCode project.
(edit) @939   12 years sam build: stop defining ANDROID_NDK and check for ANDROID instead. …
(edit) @878   12 years sam build: clean up .self files and allow to build the benchmark on the PS3.
(edit) @866   12 years sam core: more vec?i -> ?veci renames.
(edit) @865   12 years sam core: move platform-specific code to specific directories.
(edit) @863   12 years sam core: rename vec2i to ivec2 etc. to better match GLSL.
(edit) @862   12 years sam core: add a Sprite class to try to factor some common logic currently …
(edit) @860   12 years sam render: add a Gradient class that will be used for dithering later.
(edit) @856   12 years sam debug: fix iOS compilation of the debug quad code.
(edit) @855   12 years sam ios: update XCode project and fix a GL test compilation issue.
(edit) @851   12 years sam android: fix Android NDK compilation.
(edit) @840   12 years sam ps3: add a build-ps3 script that uses autoconf and automake.
(edit) @839   12 years sam ps3: get rid of the useless and convoluted padutil dependency; the …
(edit) @838   12 years sam ps3: add a simple PS3 input system that currently merely emulates …
(edit) @834   12 years sam android: target android-8 until <cstdlib> is properly fixed for …
(edit) @833   12 years sam ps3: load textures using the system's PNGDEC module.
(edit) @828   12 years sam ps3: if the implementation supports Cg but not GLSL (for instance on …
(edit) @816   12 years sam monsterz: minor code enhancement.
(edit) @796   12 years sam gl: use Glew if available.
(edit) @792   12 years sam tiler: ensure AddTile() and BlitTile() accept vec3i arguments.
(edit) @791   12 years sam monsterz: eagles and clouds now span across the whole width of the …
(edit) @790   12 years sam tileset: replace the Tiler ID system with real TileSet objects. The …
(edit) @786   12 years sam monsterz: minor gameplay tuning.
(edit) @767   12 years sam web: fix the Monsterz SVN repo location in Trac.
(edit) @762   12 years sam ps3: minor cleanup to the PS3 Makefile.
(edit) @759   12 years sam monsterz: get rid of the Fusion mode, it sucked.
(edit) @758   12 years sam ps3: start a minimal PS3 port using PSGL, but not CG yet.
(edit) @756   12 years sam monsterz: quiet a compilation warning.
(edit) @754   12 years sam monsterz: start rearranging the title screen.
(edit) @752   12 years sam monsterz: do not display the interface in the title screen.
(edit) @750   12 years sam monsterz: do not display mouse pointer or grab handle on touch devices.
(edit) @746   12 years sam monsterz: perform move as soon as the grabbed piece is close to its …
(edit) @745   12 years sam video: enforce shader-enabled GL implementations, getting rid of a lot …
(edit) @744   12 years sam android: use GLES2 instead of GLES.
(edit) @743   12 years sam monsterz: disable the fusion mode for now.
(edit) @740   12 years sam monsterz: create a Score class to display the score text and increment …
(edit) @739   12 years sam ios: clean up code.
(edit) @738   12 years sam build: remove duplicate source list in the Android makefiles.
(edit) @737   12 years sam monsterz: some refactoring in the Piece and Board classes.
(edit) @735   12 years sam core: get rid of now useless <cstdio> includes.
(edit) @734   12 years sam core: create a logger class to reduce printf usage.
(edit) @732   12 years sam Remove user-generated files.
(edit) @731   12 years sam ios: add cleaned up XCode project.
(edit) @722   12 years sam android: use assets instead of resources. They're almost the same.
(edit) @721   12 years sam android: run fullscreen by default.
(edit) @720   12 years sam android: add the whole Android project; will clean up later.
(edit) @696   12 years sam Merge all debug entity includes in <loldebug.h>.
(edit) @695   12 years sam Use EglApp instead of SdlApp under GLES 2.
(edit) @686   12 years sam Put everything in the "lol" namespace. Better late than never.
(edit) @684   12 years sam If only GLES is available, create an EglApp instead of an SdlApp.
(edit) @680   12 years sam Create the SdlApp class to avoid code duplication. Ensure USE_SDL is …
(edit) @664   12 years sam Get rid of float3, float4, int3 etc. in favour of GLSL types.
(edit) @639   12 years sam Make font objects use the TileSet system and fix the text objects' Z …
(edit) @635   12 years sam Now that liblol.a is no longer in target_LDADD due to libtool argument …
(edit) @634   12 years sam Retitle some main nav buttons.
(edit) @633   12 years sam TileSets can now be initialised either using the tile size, or the …
(edit) @631   12 years sam Add missing icons.png, use CPPFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS in automake rules.
(edit) @627   12 years luc Darkened the background color
(edit) @626   12 years luc Updated the Cat color Updated the Squid colors Cleaned up a bit the …
(edit) @623   12 years sam Stop using pkg-config in Makefiles and stop putting things in LDADD …
(edit) @622   12 years sam Do not use SDL's SDLmain wrapper on Win32. It's never proved useful so far.
(edit) @617   12 years sam Store the requested FPS in the Ticker class.
(edit) @616   12 years sam The client application no longer needs to call Video::Clea().
(edit) @615   12 years sam Allow to specify FPS in the DebugRecord object.
(edit) @612   12 years sam Win32 compilation fix.
(edit) @611   12 years carmie
(edit) @610   12 years carmie
(edit) @609   12 years carmie
(edit) @608   12 years carmie
(edit) @607   12 years carmie
(edit) @606   12 years carmie
(edit) @605   12 years carmie
(edit) @604   12 years carmie
(edit) @603   12 years carmie
(edit) @602   12 years carmie
(edit) @601   12 years carmie
(edit) @600   12 years carmie
(edit) @599   12 years carmie
(edit) @598   12 years carmie
(edit) @597   12 years carmie
(edit) @596   12 years carmie
(edit) @595   12 years carmie
(edit) @594   12 years carmie
(edit) @593   12 years carmie
(edit) @592   12 years carmie
(edit) @591   12 years carmie
(edit) @590   12 years carmie
(edit) @589   12 years carmie
(edit) @588   12 years carmie
(edit) @587   12 years carmie
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