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(edit) @2183   9 years sam build: fix the WTFPL site URL in all code comments.
(edit) @2152   9 years sam easymesh: motherfucking planetary gears demo.
(edit) @2151   9 years sam easymesh: allow central holes in gears as well as internal gears.
(edit) @2149   9 years touky specular on cube light. Not the correct effect.
(edit) @2148   9 years touky the stupidest idea of the day : the cube light, specular still missing.
(edit) @2146   9 years touky shiny.lolfx now has a PointLight & a DirectionalLight. Sorry for all …
(edit) @2145   9 years sam easymesh: fix point light handling.
(edit) @2144   9 years touky "Point light" Tweak
(edit) @2143   9 years touky first commit in a while, small test in ShinyLol
(edit) @2116   9 years touky Added tsw (ToggleScaleWinding) command in EasyMesh Parser to make …
(edit) @2077   9 years sam mesh: start working on mesh and submesh stuff.
(edit) @1963   9 years sam gpu: add support for triangle strips and fans, and change the …
(edit) @1930   9 years sam lolfx: improve the LolFx compiler, including error reporting. We can …
(edit) @1928   9 years sam lolfx: use square brackets to indicate shader sections.
(edit) @1910   9 years sam easymesh: use "ato" for torus, because "at" is already for triangle.
(edit) @1888   9 years lolbot fixed 23 files out of 277: - fixed 1270 CR characters - fixed 56 …
(edit) @1879   9 years sam easymesh: minor torus mesh tweaks.
(edit) @1875   9 years sam easymesh: first shot at a simple, flat shaded torus.
(edit) @1835   9 years sam easymesh: fix an data corruption with scaling along a single axis.
(edit) @1808   9 years sam build: fix shitloads of warnings.
(edit) @1793   9 years elliotek optim radialJitter
(edit) @1784   9 years elliotek EsayMesh : RadialJitter func & demo added
(edit) @1769   9 years sam easymesh: per-fragment lighting in the HLSL shader (PS3, Xbox 360).
(edit) @1765   9 years sam easymesh: fragment-based lighting.
(edit) @1738   9 years sam easymesh: make hex colour command arguments case-insensitive.
(edit) @1719   9 years sam easymesh: fix the non-uniform sphere scaling and enforce odd numbers …
(edit) @1705   9 years sam tutorial: test some advanced shapes for easymesh.
(edit) @1693   9 years sam easymesh: fix the specular highlight in the OpenGL shader.
(edit) @1690   9 years sam gpu: try to patch some simple GLSL shaders on the fly so that they …
(edit) @1687   9 years sam easymesh: allow the shader to build on GL ES.
(edit) @1621   9 years sam easymesh: set the capsule's main axis to Y, not Z.
(edit) @1619   9 years sam easymesh: add the capsule mesh.
(edit) @1615   9 years sam easymesh: fix the HLSL code in shiny.lolfx.
(edit) @1604   9 years sam easymesh: use an icosphere instead of an UV-sphere for the sphere …
(edit) @1599   9 years touky EasyMesh : Fixed normals on disc when one of the radius == 0 …
(edit) @1589   9 years sam easymesh: the light direction is now a uniform variable.
(edit) @1519   9 years sam build: add lots of missing svn:ignore properties.
(edit) @1512   9 years sam build: fix the PS3 port by using our trig.h everywhere instead of …
(add) @1510   9 years sam easymesh: move the Mesh builder into the engine core.
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