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(edit) @1452   9 years sam gpu: first shot at a Shader::SetTexture() function.
(edit) @1450   9 years sam gpu: disable all vertex attributes upon vertex declaration unbind, …
(edit) @1443   9 years sam gpu: silently ignore empty vertex and index buffers instead of …
(edit) @1426   9 years sam core: rename f64vec4 to dvec4 etc. for consistency with GLSL.
(edit) @1407   9 years sam gpu: irrelevant tweaks to a test material file.
(edit) @1406   9 years sam gpu: start working on the LolFx format.
(edit) @1401   9 years sam core: no longer deactivate std::ostream features on Android.
(edit) @1389   9 years sam gpu: define the _XBOX macro in our HLSL compilation.
(edit) @1385   9 years sam gpu: allow to load a .lolfx file instead of all those shaders.
(edit) @1380   9 years sam win32: add a custom build rule for '.lolfx' files. The files are …
(edit) @1337   9 years sam gpu: activate backface culling on OpenGL to remain consistent with the …
(edit) @1324   9 years sam gpu: fix a memory leak in the VertexBuffer and IndexBuffer classes.
(edit) @1303   9 years sam gpu: temporarily enable alpha blending in the vertex buffer code.
(edit) @1292   9 years sam ps3: start fixing the vertex buffer logic in there.
(edit) @1289   9 years sam gpu: implement a few CG calls.
(edit) @1266   9 years sam gpu: normalize 8-bit integer data in 0..1 by default.
(edit) @1265   9 years sam gpu: fix Direct3D handling of float3x3 uniforms; they need padding.
(edit) @1259   9 years sam gpu: add methods to send mat2 and mat3 matrices to the shader.
(edit) @1253   9 years sam gpu: assume 8-bit unsigned vertex data is expected to be normalised on 0-1.
(edit) @1251   9 years sam gpu: fix a stupid signed/unsigned inconsistency causing vertex …
(edit) @1247   9 years sam gpu: abstraction class for index buffers; the cube tutorial no longer …
(edit) @1246   9 years sam gpu: remove old code in VertexBuffer that caused a memory leak.
(edit) @1241   9 years sam gpu: fix a great lot of Direct3D problems, spotted using PIX.
(edit) @1236   9 years sam gpu: replace exit(0) in D3D error checks with lol::Abort().
(edit) @1234   9 years sam gpu: fix a nasty bug in the D3D9 vertex declaration code that caused …
(edit) @1231   9 years sam gpu: move the platform-specific triangle drawing call to the …
(edit) @1230   9 years sam gpu: fix the core scene renderer.
(edit) @1228   9 years sam gpu: port the vertex buffer abstraction layer to OpenGL.
(edit) @1227   9 years sam gpu: implement vertex buffer streams for Direct3D. OpenGL is missing …
(edit) @1226   9 years sam gpu: refactor the vertex declaration code to allow several vertex streams.
(edit) @1225   9 years sam gpu: fix compilation errors and warnings in the vertex declaration code.
(edit) @1224   9 years sam gpu: start working on a template-based vertex buffer class.
(edit) @1221   9 years sam gpu: port the texture and scene handling code to Direct3D. Not functional.
(edit) @1215   9 years sam gpu: add support for integer uniforms and fix a few PS3 and Linux …
(edit) @1214   9 years sam win32: the uniform handling code was completely broken; we now …
(edit) @1212   9 years sam build: allow to build the Direct3D 9 driver with the mingw compiler.
(edit) @1208   9 years sam win32: start porting the graphical backend to DirectX 9. Apparently I …
(edit) @1194   9 years sam xbox: fix a few problems in the shader handling code; the first …
(edit) @1180   9 years sam build: reorganise math files in a single "math" directory, and get rid …
(add) @1053   10 years sam gpu: start implementing a vertex buffer object.
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