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(edit) @208   12 years sam Add a debugging sphere object to test transparency.
(edit) @186   12 years sam Support tilesets larger than 512x512 and switch the coordinates system …
(edit) @170   12 years sam Properly implement program termination, including in the GTK program.
(edit) @166   12 years sam Keyboard scrolling in the editor.
(edit) @163   12 years sam Add an about dialogue and fix an initialisation bug in the map viewer …
(edit) @162   12 years sam Refactor editor to get the glarea object out of the main source file.
(edit) @159   12 years sam Allow the sprite viewer window to pan.
(edit) @157   12 years sam Implement scrolling in the GTK window using the scrollbars.
(edit) @155   12 years sam New MapViewer class and some GTK+ refactoring.
(edit) @154   12 years sam Refactor stuff.
(edit) @150   12 years sam Replace mouse scrolling with a joystick simulated by the e/s/d/f keys.
(edit) @149   12 years sam Get the timer to talk milliseconds instead of seconds.
(edit) @147   12 years sam Rename "asset" to "entity". It's way cooler.
(edit) @126   12 years sam Minor updates here and there. Not worth mentioning.
(edit) @124   12 years sam Make the editor more responsive by handling GTK events before waiting …
(edit) @123   12 years sam Make the GTK editor more responsive.
(edit) @122   12 years sam Implement the profiling system.
(edit) @116   12 years sam Implement a better timing mechanism for fixed framerate. Accuracy is …
(edit) @114   12 years sam Switch editor building scheme to GtkBuilder.
(edit) @112   12 years sam Proper delta time computation in both the game and the editor.
(edit) @111   12 years sam The frame counter is now an asset object.
(edit) @110   12 years sam Minor cleanup in the editor main code.
(edit) @109   12 years sam Get rid of GtkVideo, it was pretty useless in the current shape.
(edit) @106   12 years sam Make the Game class an asset like the others.
(edit) @105   12 years sam Create a helper class for easy scene setup. Highly reduces the number …
(edit) @100   12 years sam Slightly improve the documentation in a few files, add the missing …
(copy) @99   12 years sam Move all GTK stuff to a subdirectory.
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(edit) @98   12 years sam Implement a naive garbage collector.
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