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(edit) @2183   9 years sam build: fix the WTFPL site URL in all code comments.
(edit) @2009   9 years sam input: add the Keyboard abstraction object type.
(edit) @1949   9 years sam misc: very minor tweaks here and there.
(edit) @1897   9 years sam input: some refactoring in the action bindings.
(edit) @1888   9 years lolbot fixed 23 files out of 277: - fixed 1270 CR characters - fixed 56 …
(edit) @1815   9 years sam input: fix minor PS3 compilation error.
(edit) @1803   9 years sam input: switch all key names to camel case, like our other enums.
(edit) @1795   9 years touky Fixed Entity::TickGame log flood. Added BulletCharacterController.cpp …
(edit) @1794   9 years touky Input now works correctly
(edit) @1792   9 years touky mieux la ?
(edit) @1791   9 years touky Windows.
(edit) @1789   9 years touky Added correct implementation of Action layer for Inputs. Useage : - …
(edit) @1785   9 years touky Added InputTracker test initPhysTest
(edit) @1768   9 years touky Added Attachment/base logic with working attachment with …
(edit) @1753   9 years touky Build FIX .... again.
(edit) @1752   9 years touky Fixed build
(edit) @1751   9 years touky Added a skeleton for Input Tracking & base idea for Touch/untouch …
(edit) @1710   9 years sam input: allow to easily track more than one input stick.
(edit) @1692   9 years sam core: fix the X360 build by re-adding macro barriers I removed.
(edit) @1691   9 years sam build: tweak everything to allow building with SDL on the Raspberry Pi.
(edit) @1519   9 years sam build: add lots of missing svn:ignore properties.
(edit) @1513   9 years sam core: replace usage of sin() or std::sin() with lol::sin() where …
(edit) @1355   9 years sam input: allow to remap gamepad axes in the generic input layer.
(add) @1342   9 years sam input: add core joystick support and bind the SDL input to that.
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