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(edit) @660   12 years sam Implement float4x4::ortho() and float4x4::translate().
(edit) @652   12 years sam Implement float4x4::frustum() and float4x4::perspective() to build …
(edit) @651   12 years sam Make the float4x4 constructor fill only the matrix's diagonal. Thus …
(edit) @648   12 years sam Add matrix determinant and inverse methods.
(edit) @643   12 years sam Do not zero vector memory upon initialisation. Unitialised is …
(edit) @641   12 years sam Create a few matrix handling classes and operators.
(edit) @295   12 years sam Fix a few warnings here and there, and try to use the vector classes.
(edit) @294   12 years sam Rename Float3 to float3, Int3 to int3 etc. and add the 4-member versions.
(edit) @293   12 years sam Add pseudorandom functions for floats.
(edit) @270   12 years sam Add a utility function to compute the power of two above.
(edit) @244   12 years sam Implement vector equality comparisons.
(edit) @242   12 years sam Implement vector square length.
(edit) @240   12 years sam Various vector operators including casts and scalar-vector operations.
(edit) @239   12 years sam Implement vector addition, subtraction etc. as well as euclidian distance.
(edit) @237   12 years sam Implement simple + and - operators for Int2, Float2 etc.
(edit) @235   12 years sam Allow to access Int2, Float2 etc. members using [].
(edit) @232   12 years sam Float2 and Float3 are now templates, thus creating Int2 and Int3.
(edit) @221   12 years sam Complete Lol Engine / Deus Hax / Monsterz split.
(edit) @152   12 years sam Proper Float3 constructors.
(add) @150   12 years sam Replace mouse scrolling with a joystick simulated by the e/s/d/f keys.
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