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(edit) @2812   8 years lolbot fixed 10 files out of 2754: - removed 386 CR characters - removed 4 …
(edit) @2811   8 years benlitz build fix on non-SDL platforms
(edit) @2810   8 years benlitz Completely reworked input system. Unified device interface, button, …
(edit) @2787   8 years sam build: fix the X360 port.
(edit) @2770   8 years sam gpu: get rid of the global D3D device pointer and move D3D …
(edit) @2646   9 years sam build: more Emscripten improvements; keyboard input works properly now.
(edit) @2645   9 years sam input: make keyboard state platform-independent.
(edit) @2644   9 years sam input: activate SDL input with Emscripten.
(edit) @2625   9 years sam build: use GLES (not GL) when using emscripten, and disable SdlInput too.
(edit) @2618   9 years sam android: add a temporary hack for mouse emulation on Android devices.
(edit) @2610   9 years sam base: a few minor style tweaks.
(edit) @2584   9 years sam android: open files through the asset manager, meaning Lua works.
(edit) @2583   9 years sam android: refactor the application code to use fewer free functions.
(edit) @2579   9 years sam android: switch to NativeActivity instead of rolling our own Java …
(edit) @2576   9 years sam build: big Android build system refactor; we now attempt to build an …
(edit) @2569   9 years sam ps3: create an audio device at startup.
(edit) @2563   9 years sam ps3: check for newly plugged pads at each frame.
(edit) @2506   9 years sam base: start removing occurrences of NULL on our long journey to nullptr.
(edit) @2316   9 years sam ps3: fix typo in ps3app.cpp.
(edit) @2314   9 years sam ps3: compilation for old GCC complaining about non-trivial designated …
(edit) @2310   9 years sam ps3: add support for resolution selection.
(edit) @2301   9 years sam build: fix a few macro logic issues in SDL.h inclusion.
(edit) @2300   9 years sam build: add SDL detection code in new file lol-sdl.m4. The SDL2 version …
(edit) @2297   9 years sam base: implement UNUSED() macro and put it here and there.
(edit) @2276   9 years sam build: revert the weak symbol work; it confuses Visual Studio too much.
(edit) @2274   9 years sam build: provide weak symbols for lol_sdl_main on Visual Studio.
(edit) @2273   9 years sam build: use our own main() wrapper in addition to SDL's, and only in …
(edit) @2222   9 years sam core: you can now while(app.MustTick()) { Tick(); } instead of app.Run().
(edit) @2216   9 years touky New year copyright update.
(edit) @2183   9 years sam build: fix the WTFPL site URL in all code comments.
(edit) @2009   9 years sam input: add the Keyboard abstraction object type.
(edit) @1964   9 years sam android: use the FPS value provided by the application; we now run at …
(edit) @1949   9 years sam misc: very minor tweaks here and there.
(edit) @1944   9 years sam android: fix a synchronisation issue between Java and the game thread.
(edit) @1808   9 years sam build: fix shitloads of warnings.
(edit) @1712   9 years sam build: split the D3d9 build flags into D3d9 and Xinput for situations …
(edit) @1709   9 years sam input: switch SDL joystick handling mode to polling, because we won't …
(edit) @1692   9 years sam core: fix the X360 build by re-adding macro barriers I removed.
(edit) @1691   9 years sam build: tweak everything to allow building with SDL on the Raspberry Pi.
(edit) @1684   9 years sam build: switch the Android native build rules to autoconf; still a bit …
(edit) @1587   9 years sam ps3: add pad support for the PS3, without plug/unplug detection for now.
(edit) @1579   9 years sam ps3: fix CPU and stack size performance issues on the PS3.
(edit) @1519   9 years sam build: add lots of missing svn:ignore properties.
(edit) @1440   9 years sam nacl: NaCl binaries no longer need a modified main() to work, the NaCl …
(edit) @1439   9 years sam nacl: preliminary gamepad support in the NaCl backend.
(edit) @1435   9 years sam nacl: remove our old hack of #including the file containing main() …
(edit) @1399   10 years sam input: fix brain fart in our SDL joystick input.
(edit) @1394   10 years sam input: support up to 16 buttons in Xbox-like pads.
(edit) @1361   10 years sam win32: add an Xinput class for Xbox360 controllers, because they're …
(edit) @1358   10 years sam input: support Xbox input system for gamepads.
(edit) @1355   10 years sam input: allow to remap gamepad axes in the generic input layer.
(edit) @1346   10 years sam input: blacklist HDAPS as a joystick, it's not really a joystick.
(edit) @1342   10 years sam input: add core joystick support and bind the SDL input to that.
(edit) @1310   10 years sam core: tick methods now use seconds, like any sane system.
(edit) @1241   10 years sam gpu: fix a great lot of Direct3D problems, spotted using PIX.
(edit) @1236   10 years sam gpu: replace exit(0) in D3D error checks with lol::Abort().
(edit) @1222   10 years sam build: compilation fixes for errors introduced in the recent Direct3D …
(edit) @1219   10 years sam android: slightly update Android project for newer SDK versions.
(edit) @1212   10 years sam build: allow to build the Direct3D 9 driver with the mingw compiler.
(edit) @1208   10 years sam win32: start porting the graphical backend to DirectX 9. Apparently I …
(edit) @1194   10 years sam xbox: fix a few problems in the shader handling code; the first …
(edit) @1189   10 years sam build: major refactoring of the Win32 and Xbox project files; we now …
(edit) @1187   10 years sam xbox: create the Xbox application class and add a project file for …
(edit) @1171   10 years sam sdl: on Windows, perform the input tick in the main drawing thread.
(edit) @1164   10 years sam ps3: fix PS3 build after the Queue refactoring.
(edit) @1139   10 years sam math: rename matrix.h to vector.h and simplify some stuff, especially …
(edit) @1117   10 years sam math: move the Remez algorithm implementation to the core.
(edit) @1110   10 years sam core: prefix Entity members with m_ to avoid accidental shadowing.
(edit) @1106   10 years sam core: try to merge Ticker and Emcee. Still not very good.
(edit) @1101   10 years gary core: implement Queue on Win32 and on the PS3.
(edit) @1097   10 years sam ps3: start implementing the PS3 threading system, and port the new …
(edit) @1087   10 years sam nacl: quick and dirty mouse support.
(edit) @1084   10 years sam nacl: the Mandelbrot zoomer is starting to work on NaCl.
(edit) @1082   10 years sam core: port all code to NativeClient. Nothing runs for now, but it builds.
(edit) @1069   10 years gary tutorial: port the Mandelbrot dithering shader to Cg.
(edit) @1063   10 years sam core: implement Application::ShowPointer() so that applications can …
(edit) @1057   10 years gary ps3: compilation fixes for the PS3.
(edit) @1040   10 years sam core: write a generic application class.
(edit) @966   10 years sam core: remove spurious dependency between androidapp.cpp and monsterz.
(edit) @866   10 years sam core: more vec?i -> ?veci renames.
(add) @865   10 years sam core: move platform-specific code to specific directories.
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