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(edit) @1713   11 years sam build: add skeleton for JNat's demo.
(edit) @1708   11 years Jnat added return
(edit) @1702   11 years touky Skeleton for EasyCharacterController
(edit) @1698   11 years touky Lazy WE : Small tweaks in the BtPhysTest demo. Added Ghost Object …
(edit) @1696   11 years sam test: smooth physics objects, for fun.
(edit) @1684   11 years sam build: switch the Android native build rules to autoconf; still a bit …
(edit) @1668   11 years sam test: add a unit test to ensure default constructed reals are …
(edit) @1659   11 years sam build: add missing svn:ignore properties to keep rez happy.
(edit) @1652   11 years sam test: use SDLmain for the testsuite, too.
(edit) @1651   11 years sam test: damn, re-add an include I mistakenly removed.
(edit) @1650   11 years sam test: fix linking of remez.cpp on OS X.
(edit) @1648   11 years sam test: fix compilation warnings caused by constant strings being cast …
(edit) @1647   11 years sam build: hide the SDL_main.h inclusion in core.h, and only activate it …
(edit) @1645   11 years sam core: switch the Win32/x64 binaries to the Windows subsystem so that …
(edit) @1641   11 years sam test: fix the physics simulation tick.
(edit) @1633   11 years touky Correct integration of EasyConstraint + TestDemo.
(edit) @1632   11 years touky Small name refactor & correct Kinematic integration. + Constraint …
(edit) @1631   11 years touky Added Collision group & mask support. + weird racist test : the …
(edit) @1630   11 years touky Small refactor of the Phys::Simulation. Phys::Simulation is now an …
(edit) @1621   11 years sam easymesh: set the capsule's main axis to Y, not Z.
(edit) @1617   11 years sam test: go ape shit crazy on the FoV.
(edit) @1616   11 years sam test: fix physics cube backface culling.
(edit) @1614   11 years sam test: fix an alignment issue with btVector3/vec3 casts.
(edit) @1613   11 years touky BtPhysTest : Container box now moves.
(edit) @1611   11 years sam test: fix Bullet/Lol quaternion conversions, they use [x y z w] …
(edit) @1608   11 years sam test: use 0 instead of NULL to fix the X360 build.
(edit) @1607   11 years touky Added walls and better context to the physics.
(edit) @1605   11 years sam test: minor tweaks to the physics demo.
(edit) @1601   11 years touky EasyPhysics : Added Capsules.
(edit) @1600   11 years touky Added Cylinder primitives. Added several delete/destructor, speeds up …
(edit) @1599   11 years touky EasyMesh : Fixed normals on disc when one of the radius == 0 …
(edit) @1597   11 years touky Added sphere in EasyPhysics
(edit) @1595   11 years touky CIS FIX
(edit) @1594   11 years sam test: add missing physics files to Makefile.
(edit) @1593   11 years touky Some CIS FIX.
(edit) @1592   11 years touky #include were fucked-up ...…
(edit) @1591   11 years touky Behold the power of LolPhysics ! Added lol::phys::Simulation, …
(edit) @1590   11 years sam core: start working on a higher level LolFx compiler based on the …
(edit) @1581   11 years sam test: minor tweaks to the Bullet demo.
(edit) @1573   11 years sam test: refine physics timestep.
(edit) @1571   11 years sam test: activate the Bullet Physics test on all Unix platforms.
(edit) @1569   11 years touky Works better now.
(edit) @1568   11 years touky BtPhysTest works !
(edit) @1564   11 years touky Small BtPhysTest tweak, the camera shows something, now.
(edit) @1562   11 years sam test: use lol::mat4 instead of Bullet matrices.
(edit) @1556   11 years sam contrib: clean up the BulletPhysics contrib directory.
(edit) @1554   11 years touky Added Location modifier in URO. Added BtPhystest for Bullet Physics …
(edit) @1535   11 years sam build: allow to build the PS3 binaries from Visual Studio if the …
(edit) @1520   11 years sam build: fix the VS2010 build and add build/ and binaries/ to the dist …
(edit) @1519   11 years sam build: add lots of missing svn:ignore properties.
(edit) @1518   11 years sam build: reorganise all the build stuff so that it lies in build/ and …
(edit) @1513   11 years sam core: replace usage of sin() or std::sin() with lol::sin() where …
(edit) @1512   11 years sam build: fix the PS3 port by using our trig.h everywhere instead of …
(edit) @1502   11 years sam core: fix a few build warnings and remove useless operators from the …
(edit) @1479   11 years sam build: simplify the .lolfx file compilation.
(edit) @1454   11 years sam test: GLSL syntax fiddling.
(edit) @1453   11 years sam build: remove \r from shader files before compilation.
(edit) @1427   11 years sam test: a better GLSL parser in the LolFx test parser.
(edit) @1426   11 years sam core: rename f64vec4 to dvec4 etc. for consistency with GLSL.
(edit) @1413   11 years sam test: more grammar improvements.
(edit) @1412   11 years sam test: add most of the GLSL grammar.
(edit) @1411   11 years sam test: add more GLSL and HLSL keywords to our grammar.
(edit) @1410   11 years sam test: some grammar tweaks.
(edit) @1409   11 years sam test: start working on a lexer/parser for LolFx using flex and bison.
(edit) @1406   11 years sam gpu: start working on the LolFx format.
(edit) @1403   11 years sam build: ensure .lolfx.cpp files get cleaned up.
(edit) @1395   11 years sam test: add a few unit tests for datatype sanity.
(edit) @1392   11 years sam misc: move more shaders to .lolfx files.
(edit) @1385   11 years sam gpu: allow to load a .lolfx file instead of all those shaders.
(edit) @1369   11 years sam math: replace len(vec) with length(vec) to match the GLSL naming.
(edit) @1345   11 years sam core: allow to concatenate arrays, and add unit tests for that.
(edit) @1341   11 years sam math: allow to write 1.f / q to take a quaternion's inverse.
(edit) @1328   11 years sam core: the Array class now properly works with non-POD types.
(edit) @1326   11 years sam core: rename Array::Append() to Array::Push() for brevity and …
(edit) @1321   11 years sam test: add matrix determinant and quaternion norm checks in the unit tests.
(edit) @1320   11 years sam math: replace mat3::rotate(quat) with an explicit constructor, and add …
(edit) @1318   11 years sam test: add several unit tests for rotations with matrices and quaternions.
(edit) @1310   11 years sam core: tick methods now use seconds, like any sane system.
(edit) @1309   11 years sam core: make timers second-based rather than millisecond-based.
(edit) @1305   11 years sam math: chage quaternion constructor to wxyz order because it matches …
(edit) @1300   11 years sam core: prefix some member variables with m_ for clarity.
(edit) @1294   11 years sam test: add unit tests for the Array class.
(edit) @1291   11 years sam build: fix the PS3 cross-build; variable name expansion was causing …
(edit) @1269   11 years sam core: use operator<< instead of operator+= to append stuff to arrays, …
(edit) @1257   11 years sam math: add inversion code for 2×2 and 3×3 matrices, and transposition …
(edit) @1255   11 years sam tutorial: fix the inconsistent vertex counting.
(edit) @1248   11 years sam tutorial: get rid of a hardcoded value.
(edit) @1247   11 years sam gpu: abstraction class for index buffers; the cube tutorial no longer …
(edit) @1243   11 years sam core: add a simple Array template class.
(edit) @1242   11 years sam tutorial: some refactoring in the tutorials.
(edit) @1241   11 years sam gpu: fix a great lot of Direct3D problems, spotted using PIX.
(edit) @1238   11 years sam tutorial: use an interleaved vertex/color buffer.
(edit) @1236   11 years sam gpu: replace exit(0) in D3D error checks with lol::Abort().
(edit) @1233   11 years sam gpu: add an Unbind() method for textures for clean up. Unfortunately …
(edit) @1231   11 years sam gpu: move the platform-specific triangle drawing call to the …
(edit) @1229   11 years sam build: minor Windows compilation fixes.
(edit) @1228   11 years sam gpu: port the vertex buffer abstraction layer to OpenGL.
(edit) @1227   11 years sam gpu: implement vertex buffer streams for Direct3D. OpenGL is missing …
(edit) @1226   11 years sam gpu: refactor the vertex declaration code to allow several vertex streams.
(edit) @1224   11 years sam gpu: start working on a template-based vertex buffer class.
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