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(edit) @2364   8 years sam meshviewer: use our File class to read the mesh data.
(edit) @2363   8 years sam sys: be more resilient if the file we try to read doesn’t exist.
(edit) @2362   8 years sam sys: don’t use fopen on the PS3.
(edit) @2361   8 years sam sys: prototype for the file reading functions.
(edit) @2360   8 years sam test: add missing unit tests for the Atomic template class.
(edit) @2359   8 years sam sys: Atomic template class for thread-safe and potentially lockless …
(edit) @2358   8 years sam sys: create an empty File class.
(edit) @2357   8 years sam build: add a few missing files to make dist.
(edit) @2356   8 years lolbot fixed 17 files out of 2363: - removed 55 CR characters - removed 80 …
(edit) @2355   8 years touky Added MeshViewerBuffer.txt in vcproj.
(edit) @2354   8 years sam base: move headers around and promote gpu/ to lol/gpu/.
(edit) @2353   8 years touky MeshViewer : - Added file handling with new mesh generation each time …
(edit) @2352   8 years touky BtPhysTest : at last, a CIS FAIL !
(edit) @2351   8 years touky BtPhysTest : added lights
(edit) @2350   8 years touky easymesh : CSG operation is now handled with a safe enum.
(edit) @2349   8 years sam build: define HAVE_STDIO_H on Windows desktop.
(edit) @2348   8 years sam math: use "degrees" as the variable name for rotations for clarity.
(edit) @2346   8 years touky comment : Angle in degree Because goldfishes have no memory.
(edit) @2345   8 years sam build: add svn:ignore properties and remove empty dirs.
(edit) @2343   8 years sam people: reorganise user directories to allow for private/ subdirectories.
(edit) @2322   8 years sam math: fix a signed integer overflow issue in the fast factorial …
(edit) @2321   8 years sam math: friend declarations aren’t proper declarations; add the required …
(edit) @2318   8 years sam build: fix all vector/scalar type mismatches such as "vec2 * double" …
(edit) @2317   8 years sam math: remove coercion rules in the vector classes, they increase the …
(edit) @2316   8 years sam ps3: fix typo in ps3app.cpp.
(edit) @2315   8 years sam gpu: OpenGL ES compilation fix: GL_RGB8 is desktop OpenGL only.
(edit) @2314   8 years sam ps3: compilation for old GCC complaining about non-trivial designated …
(edit) @2313   8 years sam gpu: fix compilation on GL ES platforms.
(edit) @2312   8 years sam gpu: support 1-component (luminance) textures.
(edit) @2311   8 years sam tutorial: HLSL version of the graph plotting shader.
(edit) @2310   8 years sam ps3: add support for resolution selection.
(edit) @2309   8 years sam color: fix a logic error in RGBToHSL.
(edit) @2308   8 years sam math: implement clamp() for base C++ types and add more safeguards to …
(edit) @2307   8 years sam color: slightly tweak the RGB to HSV and HSL conversions for improved …
(edit) @2306   8 years sam ps3: use network fallback for image files.
(edit) @2301   8 years sam build: fix a few macro logic issues in SDL.h inclusion.
(edit) @2300   8 years sam build: add SDL detection code in new file lol-sdl.m4. The SDL2 version …
(edit) @2298   8 years sam meshviewer: add two lights.
(edit) @2297   8 years sam base: implement UNUSED() macro and put it here and there.
(edit) @2296   8 years sam meshviewer: include <cfloat> for missing FLT_MAX definition.
(edit) @2294   8 years touky Added MeshViewer new project, its goal being to have a program capable …
(edit) @2292   8 years sam build: disable SDL output redirection and try to disable winedbg.exe.
(edit) @2291   8 years sam gpu: fix PS3 compilation caused by wrong function names.
(edit) @2289   8 years sam easymesh: interface the shiny shader with new Light objects.
(edit) @2288   8 years sam gpu: allow to set array uniform values.
(edit) @2285   8 years sam build: add support for automake 1.13.
(edit) @2280   8 years sam build: fix LolFx rule for MSBuild again.
(edit) @2279   8 years touky Small fix in template lerp
(edit) @2278   8 years sam build: fix LolFx generation on Visual Studio.
(edit) @2277   8 years sam build: hide LolFx external declarations behind macros.
(edit) @2276   8 years sam build: revert the weak symbol work; it confuses Visual Studio too much.
(edit) @2274   8 years sam build: provide weak symbols for lol_sdl_main on Visual Studio.
(edit) @2273   8 years sam build: use our own main() wrapper in addition to SDL's, and only in …
(edit) @2272   8 years sam build: do not launch weird Windows binaries when cross-compiling.
(edit) @2271   8 years sam color: tweak RGB to HSV/HSL code for not yet investigated numerical …
(edit) @2270   8 years sam base: add missing local using statement for namespace std.
(edit) @2269   8 years sam base: optimise array concatenation, fix string concatenation, and fix …
(edit) @2268   8 years sam test: add unit tests for the String class; they currently fail because …
(edit) @2267   8 years sam base: tweak the asserts in the String class, add String::Sub() method …
(edit) @2266   8 years sam base: add safety asserts to the Array and String classes.
(edit) @2265   8 years sam core: implement a cool ASSERT() macro.
(edit) @2263   8 years sam build: check for getcwd() and _getcwd() and configure time.
(edit) @2262   8 years sam sys: check for <unistd.h> and use getcwd() properly on non-Windows systems.
(edit) @2261   8 years sam base: fix header guard names.
(edit) @2260   8 years sam base: fix a bug in the String fixed-size constructor.
(edit) @2259   8 years sam sys: retrieve executable path if available.
(edit) @2258   8 years sam build: remove leftover entries from .vcxproj.
(edit) @2257   8 years sam core: move the Log and Timer classes to the sys/ subdirectory, use the …
(edit) @2256   8 years sam core: implement String::Printf() for va_list arguments.
(edit) @2255   8 years sam build: fix "make dist" and remove empty "src/thread" directory.
(edit) @2253   8 years sam build: replace \ with / on the PS3 instead of trying to escape backslashes.
(edit) @2252   8 years sam build: try to escape double quotes in .props file.
(edit) @2251   8 years sam build: fuck msbuild, again.
(edit) @2250   8 years sam build: try to bypass a SNC VSI issue with string replacements.
(edit) @2249   8 years sam core: fix PS3 compilation.
(edit) @2248   8 years sam build: do not try to fix formatting in people/benlitz/*.
(edit) @2245   8 years sam core: add missing <cstring> include in our string.h.
(edit) @2243   8 years sam build: speed up Visual Studio builds by always disabling minimal …
(edit) @2242   8 years sam neercs: fix resource path.
(edit) @2241   8 years sam core: pass the project directory to the binary build and get rid of …
(edit) @2240   8 years sam string: implement String::Last() and a constructor for fixed-length …
(edit) @2239   8 years sam build: fix a ClInclude that should have been ClCompile.
(edit) @2238   8 years sam sys: move thread.h to the sys/ directory.
(edit) @2237   8 years sam system: try to autodetect the data directory from the executable path; …
(edit) @2235   8 years sam base: implement String::Resize().
(edit) @2232   8 years lolbot fixed 27 files out of 2315: - removed 0 CR characters - removed 188 …
(edit) @2231   8 years touky Tweak to prevent tri_to_process.Last().m1 emptying.
(edit) @2230   8 years sam base: fix a nasty double free issue in Array::Remove().
(edit) @2229   8 years sam build: fix a few CRLF endings.
(edit) @2228   8 years touky Small MeshCsg return FIX
(edit) @2227   8 years touky Revert shiny.lolfx to previous, monogolo-commit.
(edit) @2226   8 years touky Added CSG v0.001a : not optimized, too much operation makes it slow. …
(edit) @2225   8 years touky Added geometry basic functions. TODO : second pass on coding-style, …
(edit) @2222   8 years sam core: you can now while(app.MustTick()) { Tick(); } instead of app.Run().
(edit) @2221   8 years benlitz Benlitz first test project setup
(edit) @2219   8 years sam color: slightly better HSVToRGB routine.
(edit) @2218   8 years sam color: write the RGB to HSL routine and its associated unit tests.
(edit) @2217   8 years sam color: optimise RGB to HSV conversion routine using my latest …
(edit) @2216   8 years touky New year copyright update.
(edit) @2215   8 years sam color: a reasonably fast RGB to HSV conversion with only three tests.
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