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(edit) @861   10 years sam ps3: port the dithering code to Cg. It does not work because …
(edit) @860   10 years sam render: add a Gradient class that will be used for dithering later.
(edit) @859   10 years sam debug: more iOS compilation fixes; GL_VERTEX_ARRAY isn't available.
(edit) @857   10 years sam build: add iOS build rules to the XML configuration.
(edit) @856   10 years sam debug: fix iOS compilation of the debug quad code.
(edit) @855   10 years sam ios: update XCode project and fix a GL test compilation issue.
(edit) @854   10 years sam ps3: port our naive dithering algorithm to the PS3's shader language.
(edit) @853   10 years sam ps3: fix the pad handling code that was ignoring the pad information …
(edit) @852   10 years sam build: update Bitten configuration for Windows cross-compilation.
(edit) @851   10 years sam android: fix Android NDK compilation.
(edit) @848   10 years sam build: allow to properly cross-compile for PS3 on Mingw.
(edit) @847   10 years sam web: tune Bitten configuration.
(edit) @846   10 years sam web: create bitten configuration for an amd64 slave.
(edit) @845   10 years sam ps3: prevent compilation of Ps3Input on other platforms.
(edit) @844   10 years sam build: do not use AM_CONDITIONAL... conditionally.
(edit) @840   10 years sam ps3: add a build-ps3 script that uses autoconf and automake.
(edit) @839   10 years sam ps3: get rid of the useless and convoluted padutil dependency; the …
(edit) @838   10 years sam ps3: add a simple PS3 input system that currently merely emulates …
(edit) @837   10 years sam emitter: fix wrong velocity value computation in the particles.
(edit) @836   10 years sam android: implement JNI_OnLoad and use Log::Info instead of the native …
(edit) @835   10 years sam image: error reporting in the Android image loading class.
(edit) @834   10 years sam android: target android-8 until <cstdlib> is properly fixed for …
(edit) @833   10 years sam ps3: load textures using the system's PNGDEC module.
(edit) @832   10 years sam shader: factor the uniform handling logic into platform-independent …
(edit) @831   10 years sam gl: implement the PS3 version of our bitmap renderer.
(edit) @830   10 years sam debug: add a debug example with a shader and a uniform matrix …
(edit) @829   10 years sam debug: add new shader tests and write some Cg equivalents on the PS3.
(edit) @828   10 years sam ps3: if the implementation supports Cg but not GLSL (for instance on …
(edit) @827   10 years sam contrib: add missing .a files that have been ignored by .gitignore for …
(edit) @826   10 years sam gtk: remove test code that I accidentally checked in.
(edit) @825   10 years sam gtk: refactor the GTK mess once again.
(edit) @824   10 years sam gtk: refactor the GtkGlArea handling so that it can be destroyed even …
(edit) @823   10 years sam debug: minor updates to the debug quad code.
(edit) @822   10 years sam debug: refactor quad test.
(edit) @821   10 years sam gl: do not call glDeleteBuffers with a zero-length list, it crashes on …
(edit) @820   10 years sam ps3: until we know how to retrieve and change the screen resolution …
(edit) @819   10 years sam debug: make the GL test compile on Android.
(edit) @818   10 years sam ps3: some compilation fixes to accomodate for recent debug additions.
(edit) @817   10 years sam test: add a unit test for the recent vector promotion problem.
(edit) @816   10 years sam monsterz: minor code enhancement.
(edit) @815   10 years sam core: fix a bug in vector casts; vec2 -> vec3 promotion for instance …
(edit) @814   10 years sam debug: reset the GL state more aggressively between quad renderings; …
(edit) @813   10 years sam build: make build-mingw executable.
(edit) @812   10 years sam build: a few more .gitignore entries.
(edit) @811   10 years sam editor: update th GTK+ XML file with a newer version of Glade.
(edit) @810   10 years sam debug: only print the layer and map errors once.
(edit) @809   10 years sam debug: reset texture unit in the GL quad.
(edit) @808   10 years sam gl: initialise Glew in the video setup instead of the SDL app, so we …
(edit) @807   10 years sam build: fix the editor building on mingw32.
(edit) @806   10 years sam debug: add a slightly more complex vertex buffer test quad.
(edit) @803   10 years sam debug: some code cleanup in the quad tests.
(edit) @802   10 years sam build: fix a mistake causing glew32.lib to be used on Linux.
(edit) @801   10 years sam build: make libglew detection work on MinGW.
(edit) @800   10 years sam contrib: rebuild a static version of libglew using gcc.
(edit) @799   10 years sam shader: check that the shader really failed to compile before …
(edit) @798   10 years sam core: fix a typo in the Win32 timer code.
(edit) @797   10 years sam build: make build-mingw properly use the contrib libglew.
(edit) @796   10 years sam gl: use Glew if available.
(edit) @795   10 years sam build: fix an error causing -lopengl32 to be used on Linux; use …
(edit) @794   10 years sam contrib: add glew 1.6.0 binaries for Win32.
(edit) @793   10 years sam build: detect libopengl32 on mingw systems.
(edit) @792   10 years sam tiler: ensure AddTile() and BlitTile() accept vec3i arguments.
(edit) @791   10 years sam monsterz: eagles and clouds now span across the whole width of the …
(edit) @790   10 years sam tileset: replace the Tiler ID system with real TileSet objects. The …
(edit) @789   10 years sam core: Dict::RemoveSlot can now directly remove an Entity.
(edit) @787   10 years sam tiler: Tiler::GetSize can now return a different value for different tiles.
(edit) @786   10 years sam monsterz: minor gameplay tuning.
(edit) @785   10 years sam deushax: move everything DeusHax-related to its own subdirectory.
(edit) @784   10 years sam video: move the last shader from the Video class to Scene itself.
(edit) @783   10 years sam build: put debug stuff and shader stuff in subdirectories.
(edit) @782   10 years sam build: check for glBegin, which we won't end up using anyway.
(edit) @781   10 years sam sdl: fix touchscreen event handling by first applying mouse moves, …
(edit) @780   10 years sam android: compilation fixes for recent engine changes.
(edit) @779   10 years sam debug: add GLSL 1.20 and 1.30 shaders to the debug quad.
(edit) @778   10 years sam shader: check CRC before patching the shader and fix vertex shaders …
(edit) @777   10 years sam debug: convert debug quad shaders to GLSL 1.30.
(edit) @776   10 years sam shader: support most standard parameters in the shader patcher.
(edit) @775   10 years sam shader: write a minimalist shader patcher for future GLSL 1.20 …
(edit) @774   10 years sam debug: more complex vertex buffer test.
(edit) @773   11 years sam debug: add vertex shader examples to the debug quad.
(edit) @772   11 years sam debug: display larger debug quads to avoid wasting space.
(edit) @771   11 years sam debug: more debug quad tests, 1.20 shaders.
(edit) @770   11 years sam test: start writing really minimalist GL rendering tests.
(edit) @769   11 years sam test: add a debug quad test application.
(edit) @768   11 years sam core: add the unary minus operator to vectors.
(edit) @767   11 years sam web: fix the Monsterz SVN repo location in Trac.
(edit) @765   11 years sam timer: avoid useless system calls in the Timer constructor.
(edit) @764   11 years sam debug: re-add old fixed pipeline code to the debugquad.
(edit) @763   11 years sam ps3: fix a bug in the timer code.
(edit) @762   11 years sam ps3: minor cleanup to the PS3 Makefile.
(edit) @761   11 years sam core: don't explicitly use std:: prefix when the platform may not …
(edit) @760   11 years sam gl: force version 1.30 for all shaders.
(edit) @759   11 years sam monsterz: get rid of the Fusion mode, it sucked.
(edit) @758   11 years sam ps3: start a minimal PS3 port using PSGL, but not CG yet.
(edit) @757   11 years sam math: implement vector comparisons and add minimal unit tests for this …
(edit) @756   11 years sam monsterz: quiet a compilation warning.
(edit) @755   11 years sam video: get rid of Video::GetWidth() and Video::GetHeight().
(edit) @754   11 years sam monsterz: start rearranging the title screen.
(edit) @753   11 years sam video: implement Video::GetSize() in addition to GetWidth() and …
(edit) @752   11 years sam monsterz: do not display the interface in the title screen.
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