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This is the home for Lol Software, creators of the Lol Engine.

The Lol Engine is a minimalist game engine specialised in 2D games with a focus on global world domination.

It is the primary game engine for the upcoming final version of Monsterz and in several other titles kept secret for now. The Lol Engine is called thus because the CryENGINE made us cry.

Other projects from Lol include LolUnit, a unit test framework, and LolRemez, a function approximation toolkit.

Warning: except when stated otherwise, all of this is 100% unusable shitty code that will not behave as you expect

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The Lol Engine supports the following platforms:

  • all versions of Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • all versions of Linux
  • PlayStation®3
  • Xbox 360™
  • Android devices
  • Google Native Client
  • Raspberry Pi

/chrome/site/build/windows-i386.png /chrome/site/build/osx-i386.png /chrome/site/build/linux-i386.png

/chrome/site/build/ps3-ppu.png /chrome/site/build/x360-xenon.png /chrome/site/build/android-arm.png

/chrome/site/build/nacl-i386.png /chrome/site/build/raspi-arm.png

Support for the following platforms is in the works:

  • iOS devices (iPhone or iPad)
  • PlayStation®4
  • Xbox One™

/chrome/site/build/ios-arm.png /chrome/site/build/ps4-amd64.png /chrome/site/build/xbone-amd64.png


Projects that use the Lol Engine:


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