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Set up a Windows build machine


You need the following software:

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • MinGW

Optionally, the build machine can use the following:

  • Microsoft Xbox 360 SDK, for Xbox 360 development
  • SCE ProDG Visual Studio Integration, for PlayStation®3 development

Install software

Install Python

  • Download and install Python 2.7
    • install for all users
    • choose a better installation directory, such as c:\Program Files\Python27\

Add the following to ~/.profile:

PATH="$PATH:/c/Program Files/Python27"
PATH="$PATH:/c/Program Files/Python27/Scripts"
export PATH

Install the Python setuptools

Unfortunately Python’s easy_setup does not work with SVN 1.7.5, and previous SVN versions have a bug that causes our build scripts to fail. So we need to first install an older SVN version.

  • download and install Subversion 1.6 from WANdisco
    • do not install the Subversion server if you don’t have a use for it
    • do not install TortoiseSVN if you don’t have a use for it
  • download from the setuptools package page
  • install setuptools with python
  • upgrade setuptools with python -U setuptools

Install the Bitten slave

  • install Bitten using easy_install
  • uninstall Subversion 1.6 from Configuration Panel → Programs and Features
  • download and install Subversion 1.7 from WANdisco

Create a bitten machine file

name = Windows Seven amd64
version = 0
family = windows

name = *********
processor = amd64

username = *********
password = *********

version = 10

version = 2.0.20675.0

version = 410

Run the build slave

Authenticate at least once using the commandline:

svn ls svn://

Then run the slave:

bitten-slave -f bitten-config.ini